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ZUF warns NSCN-IM, UNC to stop interfering in polling activities

Published Apr 03, 2019
Updated Apr 19, 2020

The Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) has stated that organisation is of the opinion that in a democracy, an election should be free and fair wherein every registered voter should be allowed to choose the candidates of their choice free from any interference or influence.

A release signed by home secretary, ZUF, James Kamei stated that in short, every citizen should be given their due political rights as guaranteed by the constitution adding that “However, it has come to the knowledge of ZUF that the NSCN-IM and its frontal organization United Naga Council (UNC) are indulging in widespread anti-people and anti-democracy activities in Zeliangrong inhabited areas,” it continued while alleging that the UNC and NSCN-IM are intimidating and kidnapping voters and tribe leaders to make them sign papers in favour of a hill based political party.

ZUF, in its release, further warned the UNC and NSCN-IM to immediately stop their illicit activities on the pretext of election campaign, particularly in Zeliangrong inhabited areas. “We would like to remind them that ZUF was formed with the objective to protect the rights, lands and heritage of the Zeliangrong Community and as such the outfit will fight tooth and nail against such anti-people activities,” it added.