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ZUF to revoke ‘military rule’

Published Jun 12, 2019
Updated Apr 14, 2020

Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) stated that it has unanimously resolved in a cabinet meeting to revoke the ‘military rule’ imposed in the Zeliangrong inhabited areas since May 24.

A release issued by department of information and publicity, stated that the decision to reinstate a ‘popular government’ with immediate effect from this day of June 10 was taken after observing the prevailing situation and the understanding reached on the decision taken by the ZTF for the betterment of ZUF government and the larger interest of the Zeliangrong people.

The Cabinet meeting also solemnly endorsed the popular government of ZUF headed by chairman, Raitu Chawang to strive towards the achievement of political aspiration of the ZUF and the Zeliangrong people, it said.

Further it said, the chairman entrusted all the cabinets of ZUF to carry forward their assignment with commitments, sincerity and integrity and delivered a message to the ZTF to work hard with vigilant in whatever circumstances until the realisation of Zeliangrong people long cherished dream.

The political issue of Zeliangrong people has been dragging on in various forms and movement for decades due to negligence of the government of India towards Zeliangrong people’s contribution, it continued. In the pursuit of political settlement, numerous Zeliangrong people had lost the precious lives, land and natural resources were snatched away, economically and politically suppressed due to trifurcation of the Zeliangrong’s land into Assam, Manipur and Nagaland for which the ZUF is compelled to take up the political issue in order to secure the future of the Zeliangrong people, it said

It is re-assured that the ZUF will never betray the Zeliangrong people’s mandate and the confidence reposed upon the front. The ZUF government also once again appealed the Zeliangrong masses to keep extending the unflinching support and cooperation in all policies and strategies taken up by the front for the realisation of the long pending political issue, it added.