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ZUF cadre killed

Published Oct 08, 2018
Updated Jul 04, 2020

 A Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) cadre was shot dead allegedly by NSCN-IM at Samliangtiang village under Khoupum police station of Noney district on October 7.

The deceased has been identified as Salimpou Pamei, son of (Late) Kadiakdai Pamei of Khoupum Thanagong village and he is said to hold the rank of captain in ZUF.

The incident happened at around 11: 30 am when Salimpou and his wife went out to gather firewood which they had cut the previous day. He was reportedly shot dead from a short range right in front of his wife.

It may be mentioned that an NSCN-IM cadre was reportedly killed in front of his wife by ZUF at Khumji, a few months back.

Despite the number of rallies held and repeated appeals from a number of CVOs and the general public to stop bloodshed, the killings continue even till this day.