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Western Theater Command Units Improve Combat Potential

Published Jun 12, 2020
Updated Jun 12, 2020

Units directly under PLA Western Theater Command took multiple measures to encourage officers and men to create combat innovations

According to a report in a Chinese website on 31 March 2020, in early March, the officers and men of units directly under the Western Theatre Command of Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) formed a research team to conduct field investigations for more than 10 consecutive days to make breakthrough innovations on new combat methods.  Since restructuring, the units directly under the Western Theatre Command have taken multiple measures to encourage officers and men to make meritorious positions, formed a strong atmosphere that focuses on the main battle function and strived to win the standard.

The report further said that the units directly under the Theatre Command are newly born forces after the military adjustment and reform. As a key element in constructing a joint combat command system, there was neither templates nor experience in how to build troops and how to train them. The Western Theatre Command focuses on the strong functions of the main battle and pioneering innovations to promote transformation, encouraging all directly affiliated units to break new roads and solve difficult problems, and promulgating the selection rules for ‘Preparing for Battle and Setting Pacesetters’, thereby inspiring the enthusiasm and passion of officers and men to build positions and overcome the difficulties in storming fortifications.

Wherever it is difficult to prepare for a battle, a breakthrough is required. A certain element of support is the key link of joint operations command. Faced with the problems such as lack of professional institutions, professionals, and professional teaching materials, they study military tactics, compile teaching materials, and build a system. They have compiled and printed books based on the results of exploration, and have been listed as the complete set of professional supporting materials.

The report said that what one need to prepare for war is to focus on what one need to refine. Joint combat data is a key factor in winning future wars. A support team gathered intelligence to tackle key problems, integrated 11 types of data, and realized data associated query and sharing. The ability to perceive the battlefield environment directly affects the effectiveness of informatized operations. A support team innovated the support model and realized real-time perception of front-line battlefield environment information.

The report also said that one join forces to prepare for war and everyone strives to be a model. Gong Xin, a researcher in a certain support team, has participated in the major military training activities for many times, and has grown into a professional backbone who knows how to fight and command well. At the end of last year, she was assessed as “Pace Model for War” by the Western Theatre Command. Under a batch of encouraged model soldiers, the officers and men of the directly affiliated units have continuously refined their skills and capabilities to complete various missions and tasks with excellent skills