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UNLF dismisses allegations against Yung Aung as mere Indian Intelligence Agencies’ propaganda

Published Nov 29, 2018
Updated Jun 11, 2020

The proscribed United National Liberation Front (UNLF) Manipur has dismissed the claims that the chairman of NSCN (K), Yung Aung belongs to the Meitei community as propaganda initiated by Indian Intelligence Agencies.

A release signed by director, department of Publicity, UNLF, M Sak-hen stated that a report published by the National daily ‘The Week’ on November 24 which asserted that the newly elected chairman of NSCN (K) Yung Aung is a Meitei and a spy of UNLF has been used a source by ‘North East Now’ and other dailies of Manipur while also dismissing it as “mere propaganda by Indian Intelligence Agencies initiated in connivance with ‘The Week’.”

Such deliberate misinformation, ambiguous and contrived news by Indian Media houses are published with the objective of projecting a negative image of the leadership of NSCN (K) which had managed to escape the clutches of the peace talks initiated by the imperialist government of India (GOI), and also to mislead the sincere and dedicated members of the Naga freedom movement into disassociating themselves from the movement, it asserted.

The false propaganda spread by Indian Intelligence Agencies that the newly elected chairman of NSCN (K), Yung Aung is a Meitei and used to work as a spy of UNLF would not yield any fruits, the release further stated adding that the allegations against Yung Aung amidst the on-going crisis and controversies in the Naga freedom movement due to the peace talks is an attempt to portray Yung Aung in the wrong light to the Naga community.” It is clearly evident that the allegations are lies, and they will never able be pull wool over the eyes of the Naga people,” the release stated.

The release also stated that the true origins of Yung Aung is from Chenggraing khul which falls under Namyun Township, Sagaing Division, while adding that Yung Aung’s father, Sung Dang Ngaimong is a close relation of former chairman (Late) SS Khaplang. Sung Dang Ngaimong used to hold the post of Kilonser (Minister) during the time when NSCN used to be a one entity, it added.

Yung Aung’s father with the aim of raising his son to be a befitting leader of the Naga freedom movement, provided him with proper education, it continued adding that following the advice of SS Khaplang, Yung Aung Ngaimong was handed over to UNLF from a very early age in order to pursue his education in Manipur.

The responsibility of his upbringing and education was taken by former member of Central Committee UNLF, (Late) Nongmeikapam Sanajaoba and he treated Yung Aung like his very own son and upon noticing his talents and skills, Sanajaoba lovingly called him ‘Thoiba’, the release said. It also added that the love, care and dedication shown by Sanajaoba towards Yung Aung led to the people of the locality to believe that he was Sanajaoba’s natural son and they never suspected he was adopted.

Sanajaoba nourished Yung Aung to become an able leader of the joint freedom movement of the various communities by feeding him with several inspirational tales of revolutionaries and histories of revolutions. Yung Aung himself, while pursuing his education in Imphal also started displaying his talents and qualities and became a famed Taekwondo player, it said while adding that in the meantime, Yung Aung had got himself involved in the revolutionary activities.

When Yung Aung alias Thoiba attained his full youth, the now well-educated young man who grew up in an environment laden with revolutionary ethics and ideas was recalled back by Khaplang in 1996 so that he could take a prominent role in the Naga freedom movement. And due to his skills, dedication and abilities, Yung Aung rose in the ranks taking greater responsibilities in the organisation to finally become chairman of NSCN (K), it said.