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UNC, ANSAM should stop acting as mouthpiece of NSCN (IM): ZUF

Published Apr 09, 2019
Updated Apr 19, 2020

Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) has seriously viewed the activities of some Naga frontal organizations like United Naga Council (UNC) and All Naga Student’s Association Manipur (ANSAM) for working at the behest and agenda of NSCN (IM) faction in every election.

A release from information and publicity wing, ZUF stated that in every election, the NSCN (IM) faction talk about Naga political issue while sponsoring and setting up their candidates to fight elections where UNC and ANSAM is parroting and echoing the agenda of the NSCN (IM). The NSCN (IM) had interfered into the affairs of the general public in every election under false and misleading propaganda with an attempt to mislead and confuse the Naga public. But every time the Naga public rejected the agenda of NSCN (IM) by giving defeat to their sponsored candidates in election, it said.

The release also said that the Naga political issue which was considered as one of the most genuine issue prior to formation of the NSCN (IM) group, started mismanagement of the entire affairs by involving themselves in every election for their selfish gains. “There is no doubt that the Naga political issue is moving towards the direction of nowhere and may be vanished into thin the air if the UNC and ANSAM is working under the dictate of the NSCN (IM),” it continued adding that therefore, it is advised the UNC and ANSAM to stop acting as a mouthpiece of NSCN (IM) but to remain as a neutral body or ready to face the consequences for the act of trying to mislead the general public under directions of the outfit.

“The NSCN (IM) had sown the seeds of communal disharmony in the entire region particularly in Manipur by misusing the Naga political issue; therefore, the time has come to reason together and to shed away and wipe out such ill feelings and hatred created by the NSCN (IM),” the release said.

It further asserted that there is report that some cadres of NSCN (IM) have started moving out from the designated camp “Bunning” located near Tamei HQ with arms to some isolated and interior areas with an attempt to carry out their agenda while adding that for this, ZUF in order to uphold the interest of the people will react and give befitting response to NSCN (IM) if they ever try to hijack the democratic right of the people and disturb peace and tranquillity in Zeliangrong areas.

“Therefore, the Government of India should bear full responsibility in case of any untoward incidents if it occurs which may inflict even casualty of general public for the Government of India has failed to control the NSCN (IM) which is under peace talk to confine in their designated camp as per the Cease Fire ground rules.,” it said.

The release further asserted that the Government of India (GOI) allowing the NSCN (IM) to move out of the designated camp with arms to disturb the peaceful atmosphere is a clear testament that the GOI does not want peace and tranquillity in Zeliangrong areas but turmoil and suffering. “Therefore, ZUF at all cost will defend the Zeliangrong land and its people from being suppressed and we advise those individuals who belongs to Zeliangrong community to refrain from pursuing the agenda of NSCN (IM) just to get the back patting of the NSCN (IM),” it added.