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TAR Government Approved Establishing of Linzhi (Nyingchi) Economic Development Zone

Published Dec 24, 2019
Updated Feb 25, 2020

According to Tibet News Network report on 22 December 2019, recently the Tibet Autonomous Region government has officially approved the establishment of the Nyingchi (Linzhi) Economic Development Zone. Nyingchi Economic Development Zone is located in the west of Bayi Town, Bayi District, Nyingchi City, on the west side of the Niyang (Nyang) river and across the river from the old city. It is about 40 kilometres from Milin (Mainling) airport.

National Highway 318, Provincial Highway 306, Airport Express Passage and the planned Sichuan-Tibet Railway passes through the park and the transportation environment is convenient.

The planned area of Linzhi Economic Development Zone is 7.11 square kilometres. According to the urban layout of “cross-river development and two wings flying together”, the development zone will create a development pattern of “industrial-urban integration, one district with multiple parks, one belt and two sides, and linkage of cities and counties (districts). Nyingchi Economic Development Zone closely combines the advantages of Nyingchi with the reality of Tibet, and strives to develop industries such as eco-tourism, clean energy, modern services, biotechnology, and plateau-specific agricultural production and processing.

At present, the construction of Nyingchi Economic Development Zone is going on smoothly with a total investment of 1.03 billion yuan.

Basic construction of municipal roads, water supply and drainage, power supply, and communication pipeline networks has basically been completed, which has basically reached “seven connections and one level”.

Completed the construction of Yuelin Industrial Park, clean energy base, “double innovation” demonstration base, hotels, corporate buildings, administrative office buildings and other projects as well as service facilities supporting the public such as schools, museums and cultural centres. 5 enterprises have been settled in the first batch of contract with a total budgeted investment of 268 million yuan.

Nyingchi Economic Development Zone is standing at a new starting point for development and will adhere to the new concepts of development.

It will focus on industrial development, promote the integration of industries and cities, improve the level of open economic development, and strive to build a demonstration area of industrial agglomeration, openness leading, growth nurturing andnew urbanizationpromoting, and will become a new engine of economic development in Linzhi and Tibet.

Editor’s Note – Translation by Manoj V Nair, Confirmatory checks have not been carried out on authenticity of the translation and errors and omissions are expected.