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Taliban Says No Cease Fire, Only Reduction of Violence

Published Jan 02, 2020
Updated Mar 26, 2020

Issuing a clarification on ceasefire spokesperson of the Taliban so called Islamic Emirate says non intention of declaring the same, only reduction of violence considered and the Statement is as given below-

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For the past few days, a number of media outlets have been publishing false and baseless reports about a ceasefire by the Islamic Emirate.

Propaganda by some outlets has even reached heights of supposed schism within the Islamic Emirate on the issue of a ceasefire.

The reality of the situation is that the Islamic Emirate has no intention of declaring a ceasefire. The United States has asked for a reduction in the scale and intensity of violence and discussions being held by the Islamic Emirate are revolving solely around this specific issue.

The leader of the Islamic Emirate has not yet issued a final decree and neither is there any differences within the Islamic Emirate related to this issue.

It is hoped that our compatriots pay no heed to the malicious reports being propagated by the enemy media.

Some intelligence circles are utilizing the media in an effort to generate anxiety, false optimism and sabotage the ongoing negotiations process through the dissemination of misleading information.

The Islamic Emirate will take every necessary and appropriate step that ensures the higher interests and Jihadi aspirations of our homeland in the light of Islamic Shariah in both the military and political fronts, Allah willing.

The Islamic Emirate shall keep its nation informed of any progress through its official channels.