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Sri Lanka Presidential Elections, Political Churning ahead & Win for China

Published Nov 17, 2019
Updated Feb 06, 2020

Colombo Page quoting official results released by the Election Commission of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna [SLPP] candidate Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has received 52.25% of the votes and New Democratic Front candidate Sajith Premadasa has received 41.99% of votes. The Gotabhaya has crossed the crucial 50 % mark which would indicate that there is no requirement of a second round/Anura Kumara Dissanayake, the presidential candidate of the National Movement of People’s Power has received 3.16% of votes.

Sri Lanka’s ruling coalition party candidate, Minister Sajith Premadasa accepted defeat and conceded the presidential election victory and congratulated the Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

“At the conclusion of a hard fought and spirited election campaign, it is my privilege to honour the decision of the people and congratulate Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa on his election as the seventh President of Sri Lanka,” Sajith Premadasa said in a statement.

The Deputy Leader of the United National Party also said in light of today’s decision by the electorate, he has decided to step down from the post with immediate effect.

SLPP chair and former President also Gotabhayas’ elder brother Mahinda Rajapaksas claimed that the presidential election differs from all previous presidential elections, because of the complications in the system of governance brought about by the 19th Amendment.

After the new President takes oaths, we will be studying the provisions of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution and planning our immediate programme of action accordingly he indicated

Meanwhile the Presidential elect reached out the minorities who overwhelmingly voted for Sajith Premadasa and said in a Tweet

I am the President of not only those who voted for me but also those who voted against me and irrespective of which race or religion they belong to.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Sri Lanka’s President Elect Gotabhaya Rajapaksa on his victory in the 2019 presidential elections.

 “Congratulations @GotabayaR on your victory in the Presidential elections,” Prime Minister Modi tweeted.

 “I look forward to working closely with you for deepening the close and fraternal ties between our two countries and citizens, and for peace, prosperity as well as security in our region.”

President elect Gotabhaya Rajapaksa thanking the Prime Minister Modi said he looks forward to strengthening the relationship and meeting him in the future

“I thank @narendramodi and the people of India for your warm wishes. Our two nations are bound by history and common beliefs and I look forward to strengthening our friendship and meeting you in the near future,” Rajapaksa tweeted.

On the implications of Rajapaksa’s electoral success Professor Brahma Chellany tweeted

@Chellaney . “ The election of a pro-China strongman as the next president of Sri Lanka (which straddles the world’s busiest east-west shipping lanes) offsets the ouster in Maldives of a pro-China autocrat and deals a blow to the U.S.-led strategy of establishing a “free and open Indo-Pacific.”