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Sri Lanka President vows to safeguard country’s independence and constitution from foreign forces

Published Mar 28, 2019
Updated Apr 21, 2020

Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena today emphasized that he does not intend to take any action that would violate the constitution or harm the independence of the country according to the edicts of international community or any one else.

The President made this announcement addressing a function held to open the newly constructed building of the Meegahatenna police station in Kalutara today (27).

He said the statement made by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights that the private lands in the North and East used by the security forces have not been released to the owners and the recommendation to appoint a commission for the release of lands were based on false information provided by the Non-governmental organizations. “There is no need to appoint such a commission,” the President added.

The President emphasized that while accepting what is right in the statements of the UNHRC, the government is no way ready to accept the wrong points.

President Sirisena said meanwhile, according to the UNHRC report, Sri Lanka is reaching a policy accepting equal responsibility in two years’ time and he flatly rejects the cosponsored resolution signed by the Sri Lankan ambassador to the UN in Geneva with the UNHRC on February 25.

The President said that the signing ceremony was held without any knowledge, or without the knowledge of the Ministry of External Affairs or its Secretary, and expressed its utter condemnation regarding the incident that took place in the erroneous situation of the parties in our country.

He said the resolution was signed without his knowledge or that of the Foreign Ministry or Foreign Secretary and he totally opposes the incident resulted from the wrong decisions by sections of the own government.

President Sirisena said he sees the signing the co-sponsorship as a betrayal of the tri forces which won the civil war in 2009 and the people as well as the government.

The President further said the responsibility of the foreign policy, international relations and international affairs lies with the President, not any one below the president.

Sirisena noted that the delegation to Geneva was also chosen without his knowledge and without having any discussion with him. And following the 25 February incident he took steps to change the delegation.

The President said that he instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs on how to deliver his speech to the UNHRC in a manner that would suit the country.

Speaking further the President said the imperialist conspiracies against our country in the past are operating again in different forms in modern era.

“We must have good foreign relations, but they should not intervene in the country’s politics and statehood, and neither in the present nor tomorrow foreign forces will be allowed to rule this country,” he said.