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Sri Lanka Plans to Join Indian Ocean Commission

Published Jan 18, 2020
Updated Mar 02, 2020

Sri Lanka has sought support of Seychelles to become an observer member of the Indian Ocean Commission.

Sri Lankan High Commissioner, TikiriHerath Gunathilake has confirmed to the Seychelles News Agency that he has made a request to the government of Seychelles and awaits confirmation.

The Indian Ocean Commission (COI), known as the Commission de l’OcéanIndien in French, is an intergovernmental organization that joins Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, France (for Réunion), and the Seychelles together to encourage cooperation. It was started in January 1984 under the General Victoria Agreement.

The official language of communication is French. COI’s mission is to strengthen regional cooperation while defending the common interests of these countries. In 2008 the COI launched the Acclimate project, designed to strengthen climate-resilience and build capacity of COI State members, focusing on adaptation and the promotion of a regional climate governance.

The objective of this partnership is to enhance resilience to climate change and extreme weather events- This platform will serve as a repository for regional climate change information and data and will help in sound decision making.- It will help build strategic partnerships with key regional institutions promoting sharing of knowledge, lessons learnt and best practices between states and other regions as well as ensuring maximum synergies with existing initiatives.

Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed it has received the request which is being processed. Seychelles currently holds the presidency of the Indian Ocean Commission.