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Sri Lanka Navy to safeguard local fishermen from invading Indian trawlers

Published Jan 16, 2019
Updated May 28, 2020

 Sri Lanka Navy says the Indian fishermen who illegally poach in the island’s territorial waters have become aggressive and violent and are threatening the livelihood of local fishermen.

The Navy said it has been observed that in recent times, there is a tendency of escaping attempts with violent acts and aggressive maneuvers by the Indian poachers who illegally enter the Sri Lankan waters.

In addition, the Indian poachers constantly damage and destroy the nets and other fishing gears owned by local fishing community, the Sri Lankan Navy charged.

The Navy last few days arrested 20 Indian fishermen and rescued another 8 fishermen when their boat malfunctioned. The fishermen have been handed over to the respective Regional offices of Fisheries Inspector and the Police stations.

According to the Navy, it was later revealed that five of the rescued fishermen were onboard an Indian trawler which was drawn due to a severe water leak in the engine room, while it was being towed to Karainagar by the Navy.

When the fishermen onboard trespassed Indian trawlers were arrested a group of fishermen in one of the trawlers had reacted violently and carelessly with aggressive maneuvers to escape colliding with a naval craft. The collision has resulted in damages to the trawler it and sank the Indian trawler.

Three fishermen of the distressed trawler were rescued by the Navy and a dead body of a missed fisherman due to collision was recovered in a search operation carried out by the Navy as per the information given by the rescued fishermen

The Sri Lanka Navy said it will continue apprehension of any poachers into Sri Lankan territorial waters and take necessary steps to safeguard the local fishermen and the marine resources as well.