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Role of Defence Space Agency, India

Published Jun 12, 2019
Updated Apr 14, 2020

As stated in the Armed Forces Joint doctrine, to meet the strategic objectives, initial steps to develop ‘triad’ are underway, with the steps being initiated for establishment of the ‘Defence Cyber Agency’, ‘Defence Space Agency’and ‘Special Operations Division’. The synergy from the ‘triad’ is to enhance capability, economise expenditure and enable a harmonised, evaluated and objective Tri-Service advice mechanism.

Defence Space Agency which will be based in Bengaluru is being tasked with developing range of platforms and co-orbital weapons to protect Indian assets in space and to have deterrence

“The Defence Space Agency will evolve strategy to protect India’s interests in outer space including dealing with threat of space wars,” a senior military official was quoted by the media.

Weaponisation and Militarisation of Space, preparation for Absorption of High-End Technology for Self-Sustenance in Space Operations, Space Innovations and Technology Exploitation, Inertial Navigation Systems and Sensors, legal aspects of military use of space, Building Capacity – Training, Human Resource and Research & Development, Adversarial Capability in Space Domain & Way Forward for Indian Armed Forces will be a part of the charter that the Defence Space Agency will examine and come out with the policy directives in this domain.

The decision follows a 2012 Chiefs of Staff Committee recommendation for the formation of three separate joint commands — cyber, space, and special operations —to address emerging threats and a changing strategic environment.

Defence Imagery Processing and Analysis Centre, New Delhi, and the Defence Satellite Control Centre, Bhopal will operate under the Defence Space Agency

Seen in the context of Mission Shakti or India’s ASAT test, the move will enhance deterrence in the space domain.

In March iIn a series of tweets, the Prime Minister said “In the journey of every nation there are moments that bring utmost pride and have a historic impact on generations to come. One such moment is today. India has successfully tested the Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Missile. Congratulations to everyone on the success of Mission Shakti.

Mission Shakti was a highly complex one, conducted at extremely high speed with remarkable precision. It shows the remarkable dexterity of India’s outstanding scientists and the success of our space programme.

Mission Shakti is special for 2 reasons:

(1) India is only the 4th country to acquire such a specialised & modern capability.

(2) Entire effort is indigenous.

India stands tall as a space power! It will make India stronger, even more secure and will further peace and harmony”, he said.

In a Tweet the Prime Minister added, “I want to assure the world community today that this new capability we have achieved is not against anybody ;India has always been against arms race in space and there has been no change in this policy with today’s test : PM”