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Risk and Advisory

Risk and advisory covers general alerts provided as advance information of events triggering situations that will create challenges in terms of terrorism, law and order, cyber, information, media or disasters including health.


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Safety of women is a collective responsibility of individuals, community and the state given high vulnerability. Here are some pointers for security of women.

Safe City  outcome of  rapid urbanisation with socio-economic serrations posing challenge for safety and security varying from law and order to terrorism, health and man made disasters as fire hazards.

COVID 19 grim reminder of a global health crisis while disasters could be natural and manmade impacting normal life, leading to business discontinuity or national emergency.

Providing advisories in an era of cyber/information proliferation, digitalisation, IoT with miscreants prowling the netork for exploiting vulnerabilities while fake news and exploitation of the social media is another major challenge.

Alerts advance information of events that may create challenges to personal, community or coroporate safety and security be it  terrorist attacks, law and order, bandhs and strikes, communal violence, health and other disasters, crime including against women which require proactive mitigation.
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