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Review of Scheme for Self Certification of Defence Public Sector & Private Vendors

Published May 21, 2019
Updated Apr 16, 2020

Indian Ministry of Defence, Department of Defence Production has issued a Scheme for Self Certification of Defence Public Sector & Private Vendors vide Memo No. 93244/14/SC/DGQNAdm-19/D(QA)/19 dated 3 May 2019.

The Scheme for Self Certification of Defence Public Sector & Private Vendors [Scheme] lays down requirements, criteria and assessment procedure for awarding self-certification status to DPSUs as well as Private Vendors, its validity and withdrawal, and executive instructions for acceptance of stores under the scheme.

The process of self-certification is adopted by Govt. of India, Deptt. of Defence Production (DDP) to delegate the responsibility of certifying the quality of products to the manufacturer on behalf of purchaser, after ensuring demonstration of the manufacturer’s capability of consistently producing defect free products over a period of time.

This would reflect the DDP’s [Purchaser] confidence in the Supplier’s sustained capability to manufacture without defects and ability to assure Quality.

This overcomes the present challenge of Quality Assurance by Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA) which reportedly results in delays and has also led to allegations of poor quality by armed forces.

The Scheme has been applied presently to select DPSUs and Private Vendors after they have achieved the required status and is now being broad based to be applicable to all defence manufacturers as well.

The Scheme is being introduced to reiterate the confidence of the government in the manufacturer thus reposing greater credibility of the product to the buyer and will also contribute to ease of doing business.

The DGQA will play a predominant role in creating awareness amongst the Defence suppliers and encouraging them to work towards achieving Self-certification status.

The Scheme is drawn to facilitate self certification and lays down various norms and includes related Specifications and Document, Procedure for award of Self-certification, Procedure for acceptance of Stores under Self-certification and Procedure for renewal of Self-certification status

Matrices for assessment of QMS of DPSUs/ Pvt Vendors and Performance Matrix for Self Certification of DPSUs & Pvt Vendors have been included so that there is a degree of transparency.

The Scheme is expected to promote ease of doing business, standardise quality control, accelerate the supply chain from the factory to the user, and encourage quality at the level of the defence supplier with greater transparency in the system. The aim is to encourage the manufacturer to assume responsibility for quality.

It is anticipated that the Scheme will have the usual time for acceptance and settlement of the processes but once effectively implemented by all concerned there is greater scope for ensuring quality of products that are delivered to the armed forces.

Defence manufacturers will have to invest resources to ensure that the required processes to ensure self certification are put in place, staff trained for the purpose and due diligence is maintained without which the Scheme will not achieve the desired results.