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Rally in support of on-going tripartite political dialogue held at Ccpur

Published Nov 05, 2018
Updated Jun 19, 2020

A peace rally in support of the on-going Tripartite Political Dialogue between the United People Front (UPF) and Kuki National Organisation (KNO) with the Manipur State and Union governments was held at Churachandpur today.

The rally was jointly organised by Hmar Innpui, Mizo People’s Convention, Manipur, Thadou Innpi and Zomi Council (apex body of PTC, STC, TCU, TTC, MTC, GTC, KUM, U20 and VPC).

Thousands of people took part in the rally displaying their appreciation of the governments’ initiatives and in support of the UPF and KNO’s demand for the creation of an Autonomous Territorial Council for the Kuki/Zo people in Manipur State. The participants at the rally were witnessed holding placards that read ‘Give us What You Promised’, ‘No Territorial Council, No Rest’, ‘Sixth Schedule is our Constitutional Right’ ‘Stop Encroaching Tribal Land’, ‘Political Solution is the ONLY Solution’, ‘We want Solution Now’, ‘Expedite SoO Tripartite Talks’ , ‘Protect our Rights through Territorial Council’ etc.

It may be recalled here that a Suspension of Operation (SoO) was signed in 2008 between the government and UPF and KNO with the intention to arrive at a political solution which is Constitutional and is not against the territorial integrity of Manipur State. In this regard, both the UPF and KNO had their own political agendas in the past. However, they have now come together to demand autonomous territorial council status based on the Sixth Schedule provision of the Indian Constitution which would be like the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) in Assam, the organisers stated.

The inefficiency and weaknesses of existing District Councils in tribal areas of Manipur has been acknowledged not only by the tribal communities but also by the State government. It may as well be noted that, Hill Areas Committee as well as the ADCs who had recommended, on several occasions, to the Union Government for implementation of the Sixth Schedule provision in tribal areas of Manipur, they said.

The organisers of the rally further stated that the extension of Sixth Schedule by itself is not the solution and what is needed is a modification of the Schedule base on the unique history, culture and administrative experiences of the Kuki/Zo peoples in Manipur state. Therefore, the demand of UPF and KNO for the creation of Territorial Council for the Kuki/Zo people in Manipur is Constitutional, legally valid and is the most pragmatic approach to redress the age-old political grievances of the people. In order to fully realise the much talked about ‘Chingmi-Tammi Ammatani’, ‘Equitable development with justice’, ‘Peaceful co-existence’ or ‘Protection of Manipur Territorial integrity,’ it is indispensable for the government to first create an Autonomous Territorial Council with adequate power and provisions, they added.

The organisers of the rally also submitted a Joint Memorandum to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi through the deputy commissioner, Churachandpur district, seeking his intervention in creating an autonomous territorial council for the Kuki/Zo people in Manipur while also adding a request to speed-up the on-going talk with UPF and KNO alongside the Naga peace process. They further expressed their gratitude and thanks to the masses, CVOs and institutions for their co-operation and show of solidarity in making the rally a successful one.