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Version – 14 March 2011

This Privacy Policy applies to all of products and services provided by Pvt Ltd including web site

We may use personal information that you directly provide including during personal contact, meetings, Emails and so on which is used in turn only for providing you information of direct benefits that can be obtained through our services.

We may also collect Information provided by third parties if we feel that you may get direct benefits from our services.

Other than the above, information is not shared with any other agency without your express approval.

You can opt out of our information services by responding the first time of contactor at any stage afterwards. Do give adequate notice to enable us to discontinue the information flow.

Third Party – We are not responsible for privacy related to Third Party on our services or websites, the privacy policy of the relevant provider may be referred to for this purpose.

Opinions will be based on analysis of factual information available in the public domain on credible sources mainly government, international organisations and/or more than one media platform for corroboration. These sources will be linked or reference in the opinion piece.

The Editor accepts that veracity of the primary source of information may not be possible in all cases.

Opinions based on data will also follow the same norms with use of credible sources mainly government international organisations and/or more than one media platform for corroboration. The source will be linked or reference provided in the opinion piece.

All possible measures will be taken to ensure that the interviews used in the opinion pieces are quoted verbatim or as appearing on the digital platforms. There could be gaps however in checking of the facts expressed by the person interviewed which will be highlighted.

Not withstanding the above strong commitment towards analysis of only factual information will be maintained.

Please feel free to contact us at rkbhonsle@gmail.comfor any related issues.