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President of India Outlines India’s Approach to Peace & Security

Published Mar 04, 2019
Updated Apr 30, 2020

President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind on the Occasion of Presentation of Colours to Air Force Station Hakimpet and 5 Base Repair Depot said,  “India’s growing stature in the comity of nations is consistent with the strength and capabilities of our armed forces. India remains firmly committed to peace, but in case the need arises, we will use all our might to protect the nation’s sovereignty. I am confident that our valiant men and women in uniform will rise to the occasion.

Our Armed Forces, exemplified by the air warriors who stand before us, reflect our firm resolve to defend our nation. Their valour and professionalism was on display very recently, as the Indian Air Force carried out pre-emptive strikes on a known terrorist camp.

The Indian Air Force has over the years grown into a modern, technology-intensive force distinguished by its commitment to excellence and professionalism. Keeping pace with the demands of contemporary advancements, the Indian Air Force continues to modernize in a rapid manner and is in the process of a very comprehensive modernisation plan.

Besides safeguarding the sovereign skies of our nation, the Indian Air Force has also been at the forefront of all Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief operations. The resilience and tenacity displayed by our valiant air warriors is a great source of pride for the Nation”.