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PLAAF AD Capability, PLA Air Force ground air defense system – Informationised, Integrated

Published Nov 12, 2019
Updated Feb 18, 2020

Li Jianwen and Wang Zhijia writing in the China Military online on 7 November indicated introduction of new-type homegrown ground-to-air missiles into the military training and combat preparedness of the new era, the ground-to-air defense units of the PLA Air Force (PLAAF) have formed a combat system with comprehensive coverage ranging from long, medium to short range, as well as from high, medium to low altitude these will be operating under conditions of improved information technology.

The article claimed that the ground air defense forces consist of anti-aircraft artillery unit and ground-to-air missile unit, which have been baptized by war and have achieved outstanding results since their establishment.

The new domestic air-to-air missiles such as HQ-9B and HQ-22 have been successively commissioned, forming a structure with the third-generation equipment as the main body and the fourth-generation as the backbone, and accelerating the transformation of air defense mode from anti-aircraft to anti-aircraft and anti-missile.

Modernisation of concepts, increased capability for search, find and strike the targets with rapid maneouvring has also been achieved.

Joint training has also been carried out with air defense units of PLA Army, Navy, Rocket Force and other services, integrated the fire units in various services and effectively tested the systematic combat capability under the conditions of information warfare.

The ground air defense troops of the PLAAF have now become an important component of China’s air defense system. In the new era, the ground air defense units will continue to improve their air defense and anti-missile capabilities based on the network information system and build a shield to safeguard China’s airspace security says the article

China Hongdu Aviation Demonstrates Training Jet Package

China’s basic trainer aircraft CJ-6, intermediate trainer jet K-8 and advanced training and light combat aircraft L-15 jointly put on a flight performance for the first time at Nanchang Flight Convention in East China’s Jiangxi Province on November 2. Photo: IC

China’s full set of domestically developed basic (CJ6), intermediate (K8) and advanced trainer jets (L – 15) showcased the Chinese military’s capability to constantly develop pilots for the country’s advanced warplanes including the J-20 on -3 November

A formation consisting of a CJ-6 basic trainer aircraft, a K-8 intermediate trainer jet and an L-15 advanced training and light combat aircraft conducted a flight performance on 02 November at Nanchang Flight Convention in East China’s Jiangxi Province, according to a statement HongduAviation Industry Group under the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China released on its WeChat account as per China Military Online

The three types of trainers have been all developed by the Hongdu company, have flown together in public with a three-level pilot development mechanism for the Chinese Air Force and Navy’s aviation troops, and will contribute to the Chinese military as the military gains more combat capabilities.

The CJ-6, developed more than 60 years ago and still in use, uses an old-fashioned piston engine and has relatively few advanced technologies, and is very sturdy and reliable; the K-8 made its maiden flight in 1990, and with a turbofan engine it is suitable for many basic and some advanced training subjects; the L-15 is a newly developed training and light combat aircraft that uses many advanced technologies including an advanced aerodynamic design, fly-by-wire control system and open avionics structure, and is currently being commissioned into the military, according to reports says the China Military Online.

L-15 is expected to play an important role in developing pilots for the J-20, China’s most advanced fighter jet, and other advanced fighter jets, as it is equipped with many advanced technologies that other trainers do not.The new L-15 is also available for export, with the first foreign customer being Zambia as per US-based Aviation International News

November 11, 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PLA Air Force (PLAAF).

The PLAAF tasks have over the years expanded from territorial air defense to offensive and defensive operations. The PLAAF is constantly improving capabilities for strategic early warning, air strikes, air and missile defense, information warfare countermeasures, airborne operations, strategic projection, and integrated support.

The PLAAF fleet now consists of J-10B /C fighter jet, J-16multirole fighter, J-20stealth fighter, Y-20 heavy transport aircraft , H-6K bombers and KJ-500 early warning aircraft.

However the Chinese military website accepts that the PLAAF is a third generation air force gradually transiting to a fourth generation one.