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PLA Training: Annual Direction Issued by President and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping

Published Jan 05, 2020
Updated Feb 26, 2020

According to China Military Network report, Chinese president Xi Jinping on 02 January 2010 signed the Central Military Commission’s (CMC) Order No 1 of 2010 and issued a training mobilization order to the entire army.

All units/troops in the entire army have been instructed to strengthen the ideology of ‘be a soldier to wage war, lead soldiers to wage war and train troops to wage war’; and set off a training boom in the new year.

Recently, a special operations detachment of the Xinjiang Armed Police Corps organized intensive physical fitness training for the personnel of special operations in high altitude areas to refine the ability of officers and men to perform tasks.

A reserve base in Xinjiang started military training in the new year with tasks of receiving and dispatching of thousands of sets of materials.

Li Hanfei, Captain of certain submarine of PLA Navy who was awarded the honorary title of “Underwater Launch Test Pioneer Boat” by the Central Military Commission said: “the training mobilization order is the direction of advance and call for horns. We must resolutely implement the decision-making instructions of the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and Chairman Xi Jinping. Starting from actual combat needs, we must slam the troops hard and resolutely fulfil the mission and tasks of the new era given by the Party and the people”.