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Pakistan Egypt Jordan – Special Forces Joint Exercise

Published Nov 04, 2019
Updated Feb 06, 2020

Special forces form the Egyptian, Jordanian and Pakistani armies are holding “The Dawn of the East 1? joint military exercise in Pakistan from 1 to 8 November.

Special Forces of Egypt and Jordan arrived and were guided to the National Counter Terrorism Authority’s (NACTA) headquarters in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s special forces, Chief Major General MomtazHussien, stated that the exercise comes within the framework of developing military ties between the three armies to the level of partnership and exchange of expertise in the counter-terrorism field.

The exercise involves training on inspecting, searching and confronting explosives as well as medical aid operations.

The drills are expected to last for two weeks and include the Egyptian, Pakistani, and Jordanian armed forces, with a number of other countries as observers.
This is the first time that Pakistan and Egypt are carrying out joint training exercise as per the Daily Times.

The military exercise is aimed at strengthening combat skills on how to conduct cordon and search operations, as well as on detecting and defusing explosives. The main content of the exercise and the theme is based on counter terrorism and it is anticipated that this will give a boost to military to military cooperation in general by the three forces which will translate into expansion of engagement in the field of defence and security.

As per Wikipedia Pakistan Army Special Service Group (SSG) is mandated their five primary missions: foreign internal defense, reconnaissance, direct actions, counter-terrorism, and the unconventional warfare– their most important mission.The Special Service Group’s other roles included the combat search and rescue, seek and destroy, counter-proliferation, military hostage rescue, information operations, peacekeeping missions, psychological operations, security assistance, and enemy manhunts.

The command and control of the special forces fall in the domain of the Pakistan Army’s Strategic Forces Command (ASFC), and its personnel are directly recruited into ISI’s Covert Action Division (CAD) upon their retirements.

Many of their operational work and war techniques are kept in secrecy and knowledge of their work became known in public through the published literary work by the army veterans or authorized documentaries in the news media.

As per Wikipedia the King Abdullah ll Special Forces Group of the Jordanian Armed Forces are Jordan’s premiere special forces unit. Its primary roles include reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, search and evacuation, intelligence gathering combat, and the protection of key sites. The Special Forces Group are also charged with carrying out precision strikes against critical enemy targets. The 1000-strong unit is equipped and trained to be able to operate behind enemy lines for long periods without any logistical support, and is considered one of the finest special forces units in the world.