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Pakistan occupies a geo-politically important location in South and South West Asia abutting China, Iran, India, Afghanistan and the Arabian Sea. Despite improved security situation, the insurgency in Balochistan and the war in Waziristan continue, and tensions with India over Kashmir have been heightened after the region’s autonomous status was lifted. 


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Politics and economy of Pakistan provides a framework for examining constitutional structure, institutions and civil military relations impacting stability and development. Abuse of the Constitution and the state structure with military dominance has resulted in creating major political and economic challenges.

Militancy Terrorism remains a key challenge to Pakistan despite improvement in the overall situation in the past few years after Pakistan Army launched a sustained campaign to counter terrorist groups roots of ideology will continued to remain a challenge.

India Pakistan Relations are a major point of contention due to variety of factors arising from legacy of partition of British India followed by a series of wars fought by the two countries, nuclear weapons acquisition and fostering of the weapon of terror as a tool for waging proxy war against India with Kashmir remaining the focus.

Defence with reference to Pakistan covers the diverse security challenges in multiple domains – conventional and sub conventional or terrorism. Option exercised by Pakistan to go nuclear while internally the Pakistan military has assumed a much hyped profile impinging on national stability.
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