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Overdraft: Gaikhangam demands high level enquiry in Manipur

Published Jun 16, 2019
Updated Apr 15, 2020

Expressing grave concern over the adverse political and financial scenario in the state, seasoned politician and opposition MLA, Gaikhangam, opined that the state government under BJP is currently unstable and asserted that the instability of the state BJP government has compromised the developmental works of the state.

Responding to queries raised by media persons during an interaction held today at his residential quarter at Babupara, Gaikhangam said that the budget session concluded recently and a new financial year just started

It is time for the government to take up developmental works in full swing, he said while contending that the present instability and crises within the state government resulting from the want of power has caused itself hindrances in taking up developmental works.

“Being a healthy opposition, we cannot remain as mute spectator when the state is confronted with crisis”, he said.

The opposition MLA further pointed out that the government itself had admitted the irregular withdrawal of huge amount of funds by its constituent ministers during the period of March to May while Model Code of Conduct was in force, as noted in the office memorandum dated June 13 issued from the chief minister’s secretariat.

“There is high possibility that the withdrawn public money was utilised in the 17th Lok Sabha election for garnering votes by the BJP”, he said. He further recounted that the BJP was earlier charged of using unfair means and malpractices during the election and drew attention of Election Commission of India to declare the inner and outer Manipur elections as null and void and conduct fresh polls for the same.

Gaikhangam, who is also the president of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC), also stated that it is a massive scandal that huge amounts were withdrawn during the enforcement of MCC.

He observed that the officer level committee constituted by the chief minister to examine the details of funds withdrawn is very unlikely to serve justice

As such, he demanded a high level enquiry headed by an individual not less than the rank of retired chief justice of High Court to probe into the details of the funds withdrawn and the purposes they were intended for.

The opposition MLA further charged the State chief minister Nongthombam Biren of defying the provisions of the Indian Constitution by violating Rules of Business of Manipur, Allocation of Business Rule, Manipur framed under Article 166 (3) of the Indian Constitution.

The minister in charge of finance should be the final authority to decide on financial matters. Curtailing his financial power to Rs 2 crore by making approval of CM necessary for every financial implication above Rs 2 crore amounts to violation of Article 166 (3) of the Indian Constitution, he noted.

Regarding the overdraft and the ban imposed by RBI, he went on to say that the Congress Legislature Party leader O. Ibobi as the longest serving CM of Manipur ad he himself had earlier cautioned the government of its financial status even in the floor of the House.

However, it is very unfortunate that the ruling did not acknowledge constructive suggestions from the opposition, stated the MPCC president.