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OSINT Report: Indian Army’s Sniper Rifle Procurement

Published Jan 15, 2019
Updated Jun 01, 2020

Analysis of Trends on the Line of Control in 2018 reveals a demonstrative shift from heavy artillery and mortar firing which frequently caused civilian casualties to BAT actions including ambushes, raids and sniper fire by both sides.

Multiple Media reports indicated that the Indian Army Northern Command which is facing the challenge from snipers from across the Line of Control who use the Remington to target Indian soldiers is now going in for spot purchase of weapons under the financial powers of the Army Commander. The two weapons selected are Barrett’s .50-calibre M95 and the

Barrett M95 .50 BMG Rifle

This compact rifle offers the velocity and accuracy of a 29-inch barrel in a shortened overall length of just 45 inches. Adopted for military use, the Barrett Model 95 is made for those who refuse to sacrifice accuracy for power.

Its buttplate, magazine well and trigger housing are unitized, helping to stiffen the steel lower receiver. The upper receiver is also made from steel and is reinforced with a M1913 optics rail and supports the chrome-chambered, fluted barrel. The two can be assembled in less than 60 seconds without the use of tools.

The bolt carrier itself is a study in innovation. Designed for speed, reliability and safety, it slides effortlessly on machined-smooth parallel rails, transporting a large bolt that locks into the barrel extension on three lugs. The firing pin is driven by dual firing pin springs designed for consistency and lightning-quick lock time.

The only thing more impressive than the Barrett M95 rifle’s performance is the comfort with which it can be used. The ergonomically designed rifle rests on a lightweight front bipod and an optional adjustable rear monopod. This careful attention to usability allows the shooter to quickly and accurately fire five rounds, reload with a fresh magazine and get back on target in seconds.

The M95 rifle is a magazine-fed, bolt-action rifle. The shooter, having inserted a loaded magazine into the rifle, cycles the bolt which strips a cartridge from the top of the magazine and feeds it into the chamber. The firing pin assembly is cocked by lifting the bolt handle. The bolt is equipped with an extractor which removes a cartridge or shell casing. A manually controlled safety prevents or permits trigger movement.

Scorpio TGT

Medium and long range sniper rifle.

Arrowhead folding, cheek support and bedplate adjustable in height and length

20 MOA cylinder head rail and upper guard rail 0 MOA.

Removable muzzle brake.

Like all of our precision rifles, the Minerva Tactical Series is based on our proven three-bolt action, available in two lengths to accommodate the most commonly used cartridges.

The intelligent design of the Fully Modular Rifle Chassis (FMRC) means that the rifle can be fully customized to fit and meet specific needs with guaranteed security of mind, accuracy and repeatability.

All screws are black treated stainless steel


Caliber (twist rate) .338 Lapua Magnum (1/10) – .300 Win Mag (1/10)

Barrel length 26 “

Barrel Ranking in Aisi 416R honed

action Long bolt 3 bolts Minerva in Aisi 630 w / detach. magaz.PVD Coated

Magazine Option 5 rounds, 8 rounds (law enforcement – military use)

Trigger Selectable double or single, adjustable pulling weight

safety Higher, 2-position lever

Mouth brake 3 detachable chambers, discussion M18x1

Rail action 20 Moa

Buttstock Arrow 03

Buttstock horizontal adj. 45 mm

*Buttstock green adj. 60 mm

Folding Left button side folding speed

Forend Round elliptical

Upper track 0 Moa

Side rails Standard equipment

Bipod Rail Standard equipment with QD belt attachment.

Monopod Rail Supporter. Equip. w / QD sling tie.

Color of stock Hard black anodized Color

option /

Option Remover with quick release system

Hard case Standard equipment

Weight Gr. 6400 (22 “) – 6700 (26”)

Min. / Max. mm 940/1190 (22 “) – 1020/1290 (26”)

Note- Characteristics are as provided by the manufacturer and have not been independently verified.