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NSCN-K led by Khango willing for Ceasefire

Published Nov 14, 2018
Updated Jun 18, 2020

The NSCN-K led by Khango Konyak has expressed its willingness to “resume” the ceasefire with the Government of India.

According to local newspapers based in Dimapur, the Khango faction expressed this through a press release on Monday. In order to pursue the Naga political issue the outfit wanted to resume the ceasefire, the Khango led NSCN-K said.

The reports then said that the NSCN-K led by Khango faction expressed this in response to the “appeal of the Government of India, the State Government and the Naga people.”

According to the NSCN-K faction, the Government of India has “through the NGBF (Nagaland Gaon Bura Federation) and NMA (Naga Mothers’ Association) responded positively stating that Government of India is more than happy to have NSCN return to peace” as it was the NSCN-K who had unilaterally walked out of ceasefire.

The NSCN-K led by Khango then expressed its gratitude to the NGBF, NMA, Eastern Naga People’s Organisation (ENPO), Yimchunger Tribal leaders, Khiamniungan tribal leaders, Chang tribal leaders, Sangtam Tribal leaders, Konyak Union, Sumi Hoho, Naga Hoho, NSF, NTC and CNTC etc “for their enthusiasm for peace and unflinching support and solidarity to NSCN/GPRN at this very hour.”

The Khango faction of the NSCN-K then said that “certain sections of the Nagas either out of ignorance or vested interest seem to be misinterpreting the ongoing peace initiative between the NSCN and Government of India being mediated by various Naga frontal organizations including the NMA and NGBF.”

It then added by saying, “It is extremely biased and detrimental to peace that certain individual leaders and groups have been found to be trying to legitimize the illegal and unconstitutional impeachment”.