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NSCN-K and Government of India to talk soon

Published Nov 16, 2018
Updated Jun 16, 2020

The Government of India has accepted the proposal of the NSCN-K led by Khango to join the peace process. This information was disclosed by Nagaland Gaon Bura Federation (NGBF) through a press release.

The NGBF has been acting as the go-between the Government of India and the Khango led NSCN-K in this regard.

According to the press statement of the NGBF, “consequent upon the meeting, the NSCN/GPRN (NSCN-K) has officially endorsed the NGBF to pursue for further issue with the Government of India in order to pave the way for NSCN/GPRN to enter in the ceasefire at the earliest”. The statement further said that, while meeting, the NSCN-K had placed certain conditions to the Government of India for consideration which necessitated for the peace process to resume.

In this regard, the NGBF met Naga peace talk Interlocutor, RN Ravi in New Delhi on November 1 and conveyed the conditions laid by the Khango led NSCN-K.

In response, RN Ravi told the NGBF that “the Government of India never abrogated the ceasefire with NSCN (K) but NSCN (K) walked away from the ceasefire in March, 2015”, according to the NGBF statement. RN Ravi had also reportedly told the NGBF that “the Government of India still stands and welcomes NSCN (K) for peace process”.

According to the NGBF, RN Ravi had also told them that “the Government of India has no objection for NSCN (K) to maintain their entity”.

“As soon as the NSCN (K) comes into peace process with the Government of India the ban on NSCN (K), ‘terrorist tag’ and ‘bounties’ on its leaders will be automatically removed/closed”, RN Ravi had reportedly told this to the NGBF.

According to the NGBF, RN Ravi also had told the former that the Government of India welcomes NSCN (K) for the peace talk anytime. RN Ravi then said, “The Government of India has a commitment to solve the Naga issue with one comprehensive solution”, according to the NGBF. RN Ravi had also said that “it is therefore, cannot have many agreements”.

The Interlocutor had also reportedly said that the “Government of India at this juncture is not in a state to take up 3rd party with fresh negotiation”. RN Ravi had further said that “the Government of India welcomes NSCN (K) and there should not be any insecurity from the NSCN (K) part”, according to the NGBF.

Accordingly, the Khango led NSCN-K accepted the conditions given by the Government of India, the NGBF added.