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NSCN IM Prepares for Final Accord: Integration of Fighters A Challenge

Published Dec 09, 2019
Updated Feb 06, 2020

As the Government of India and the NSCN IM as well as other Naga groups are planning to work out terms and conditions of a final accord, integration of fighters appears to have emerged as a key challenge.

Assam Rifles and the Indian Army have also intensified operations after reports of Naga fighters migrating to Myanmar and some elements of the group attempting to remain out of the mainstream after an accord is signed.

Thus, Working Committee of the NNPG condemned the “abduction and brutal killing” of late ‘capt.’ Akham Chang of NSCN (R), of the so called Naga army. In a press note, WC media cell claimed that Akham was abducted from his residence by Indian Army Jawans on November 29 night and taken to their camp. WC claimed that late Akham was “brutally tortured throughout the night” and died the next day.

Commenting on joint operations launched by the Indian Army and the Myanmar Army against groups of NSCN IM militants who had migrated to the Indo Myanmar border and entered the neighbouring country, NSCN IM in a release issued by the so called ministry of information and publicity said, the people residing in the interior villages bordering Myanmar and Ukhrul district are living in perpetual fear under the watchful eyes of the joint military operation of the Indian Army and the ‘Tatmadaw’.

NSCN IM claimed that Mapum, Sahamphung, Chamu and Phungtha have come under the control of the Indian Army personnel who have stationed in these villages primarily to control the migration of the cadres to Myanmar.

Given prospects of absorption of militant cadres in the Indian army or paramilitary post the accord, reports of recruitment of cadres by various underground groups in the last two months have been received in Nagaland.

The Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG) chairman Lt Gen (Retd) Shokin Chauhan however clarified that new recruits would not get jobs automatically, adding they would be subject to verification. Rehabilitation will be based on the number of years that have been spent in the outfit and thus the new cadres will not be eligible for inclusion.

Camps are also likely to be shut down after the accord with NSCN (I-M) having nine camps, NSCN (NK) three and NSCN (Khango) and NSCN (R) one each as per the Nagaland Post.