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NSCN –IM decries Indian Army

Published Jun 18, 2019
Updated Apr 13, 2020

NSCN –IM has decried the Indian Army for allegedly frisking the villagers searching for members of the organisation.

A release issued by ministry of information and publicity, said the road to Hebron has turned into something “nasty and bizarre” for commuters as the Indian Army has gone capricious towards the public residing in the villages that leads to Hebron. “The reckless approach of the Indian Army on the lookout for NSCN-IM members reminds us of the pre-ceasefire period that we abhor to look back,” it said.  

The Indian Army has been going about moving from village to village, at the time of their choosing and resorting to frisking and other annoying questioning, it stated. Such a manner of conduct by the Indian Army is an exasperating encounter for the villagers and commuters, it added.

Further it said, creating this kind of unpleasant scenario where the Indian Army has become too judgemental towards NSCN is not compatible with the present ceasefire arrangement between the Government of India and NSCN. “Our sincere desire is for peace and not conflict of any sort. Let us therefore, look forward with hope towards building a peaceful and lasting political solution,” it added.