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NSCN – IM decries AR

Published Jun 07, 2019
Updated Apr 14, 2020

NSCN- IM has decried the actions of Assam Rifles for allegedly stationing at Government Middle School, Khekiho, Nagaland and frisking travellers from yesterday afternoon, calling it an “unpleasant development taking place at nearby villages like Khekiho, Hazadisa and Industrial which are a few kilometers away from Hebron Camp.”

A release issued by the its ministry of information and publicity stated that Indian Army (Assam Rifles) came in three trucks and a gypsy and stationed themselves at the said school and all passers-by are being frisked by the Indian security personnel and resorted to force entry in their registry. All Gaon Buras (GBs) of the villages are asked to meet them and submit the name(s) of NSCN members from their respective village, if any, it stated. Creating such a bizarre situation is uncalled for as it stands contrary to the spirit of ceasefire agreement, it added.

Further it said, this kind of conduct by the AR will not help in building mutual understanding and trust that are essential parts of a peace process. It is bewildering why the AR should continue to hold persistent grudge against NSCN and choose to come in its path by forcing frosty atmosphere, it said. It is, however, to be pointed out that ultimately sanity should prevail because respecting the ongoing Indo-Naga peace talks is critically important at this stage and AR should pull out from the places, it added.