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Nepal Political Stability – Ruling NCP Wins More Seats in By-elections

Published Dec 05, 2019
Updated Feb 06, 2020

Nepal Communist Party (NCP)  won 31 of the 52 seats three more than 28 seats it had won in 2017 general elections but the loss in some of the key seats during the by-elections is galling given the challenges that have been posed by the opposition the Nepali Congress which was seen to be a downed force in the past three tier elections.

Thus ruling NCP leaders have underscored the need for serious introspection, following shock defeats in some traditional communist bastions in by-elections. Senior NCP leader Bhim Rawal said, “The party must minutely analyse the outcome in places like Dharan, Chitwan and Bhaktapur.”

“The losses were largely because of the party’s internal reasons and people have not lost faith in the NCP. However, we can easily infer that people would eventually look for the NC at the slightest hint of under performance by the NCP,” as leader was quoted by the Republica.

 There is thus a sense that the main opposition party the Nepali Congress is making a comeback and has been able to bag some key constituencies which had been the NCP bastion in the past. Never the less the government and the ruling party should be more than satisfied with the outcome given  that there has been any sign of mass resentment against the Party in the public as it was feared that delay in reorganization and reformation and the poor performance of the government may lead to loss of public confidence in the NCP to deliver on governance.

More over perceptible differences in the top leaders has added to concerns.

On the whole though the NCP is on a strong wicket. “The election results show that the level of popularity of the government has not come down to the level suggested by the media,” said political analyst Krishna Pokharel as per the Republica.