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Nepal Battling with Skewed Perceptions of US MCC

Published Jan 25, 2020
Updated Feb 29, 2020

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Ishwar Pokharel emphasised that Nepal will not be joining any military alliance possibly referring to the critics in the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) of a deal under the US Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact (MCC). On the other hand one section is looking at the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative as a sell out to Beijing.

Pokharel talking about US Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact (MCC) said that it will be soon settled by the parliament where it is under consideration. “It’s under the consideration of parliament for the time being. More importantly, it’s not the current government that made initiations to adopt this program,” he said adding that the agreement reached between the MCC and the government is clear.

“Nepal will not join any military alliance or regional military organization at any cost. At the same time, we are highly committed to upholding our sovereignty keeping the national benefit at the center,” underscored DMP Pokharel as per the Republica.

Meanwhile Chinese ambassador Nepal Hou Yanqi has said that China welcomes any kind of assistance to Nepal if it is meant for helping Nepal economically. In fact she was frank enough to state, “We noticed from the media that political parties, government and parliament are now discussing about the ratification of MCC. Nepal is a LDC country and Nepal needs international support and assistance not only from China; actually from the international community,” she said. “We welcome any kind of assistance to Nepal if it is in the sense of economic cooperation.”

“Whenever it is a kind of economic and trade cooperation we hope the Nepali side can decide on your own feet and not being intervened by other forces,” she added as per Republica.

Nepal under the NCP has been facing some criticism from the United States which is not surprising given the former hardlineleft wing leaders as Prachanda have in the past commented on developments in Venezuela obliquely criticising US actions.