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Naga Hoho decries UCM’s statement on Naga issue

Published May 26, 2019
Updated Apr 16, 2020

Naga Hoho, the apex body of Nagas, has vehemently condemned the statement issued by United Committee of Manipur (UCM) with regards to ceasefire extension “without territorial” limits in all Naga areas.

On May 22, UCM warned the state and centre Government of possible recurrence of “June 18 uprising” if cease fire is extended in Manipur. UCM’s was reacting to a statement issued by NSCN-IM claiming that the cease-fire agreement signed between the outfit and GOI is without territorial limit.

The Naga Hoho in a statement said that UCM has issued an ‘Unwarranted Ultimatum’ while warning that an ‘An eye for an eye’ approach if employed by the Nagas will result in unmanageable proposition.

This is not the first time that UCM have been provoking the Nagas on sensitive issues, it said. The statement from UCM came at a time when the “peace-loving Nagas” are eagerly awaiting for the final solutions to the vexed Indo-Naga political imbroglio at the highest level talks without territorial limits, it said.

While asserting that the UCM should remember the Naga people from Manipur is a party to the cease- fire or ‘Framework-Agreement’ signed between the two entities, Naga Hoho also stated that the Agreement is for the Nagas who inhabits 80 percent of the total landmass of Manipur.

“It would be tragic effort to sabotage the peace initiative being endorsed and taken up with the support of UN agencies, Unrepresented Peoples’ Organisation and other democratic nations,” it said.

The release also stated that there is nothing in the agreement will suppress the rights, history and territorial boundaries of majority Manipuris while adding that they should be aware that Nagas are a “peace loving people” who are yearning to resolve the long drawn-out issue and assert our legitimate stand and rights without any bloodshed. It also assured that Nagas will share good neighbourly relationships in all generations to come as they understand that there are many respectable and learned Meiteis with whom the Nagas enjoy brotherly-rapport.

“There are many cross-cultural inhabitants amongst us and we are in no way trying to strain the relationship,” it claimed while also taking a dig at UCM stating that “A few organisations such as UCM working with vested interests need not pretentiously carry the sentiments of the majority residents of Manipur.”

It alleged that the government of Manipur is arbitrarily represented by the majority Manipuri wherein the voices of the tribals in Hill districts are seldom upheld.

“If the Majority Manipuri led government bows to the whims and fancies of CVOs like UCM, the Nagas inhabiting the surrounding areas will be compelled to take up befitting measures in order to protect our rights,” it warned.

“Henceforth, let the Indo-Naga Peace Agreement grow and come to full fruition without interference from outsiders,” it continued.

The agreement has nothing to do with the interest of majority Manipuris and rather it will bear fruit for their wellbeing, it contended. “Nagas are least interested in meddling with issues unrelated to them,” the release added.