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Myanmar creating war-like situation in Naga areas: NSCN-K

Published May 29, 2019
Updated Apr 15, 2020

The National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang faction (NSCN-K) has alleged Myanmar government of creating a war-like situation in Naga areas by deploying a massive military forces and heavy artillery causing havoc and uneasiness among the Naga public.

A statement issued by, major Joseph Lamkang, Ministry of Information and Publicity (MIP) incharge of the outfit said a few days back the Myanmar army Tatmadaw indiscriminately fired artilleries and heavy guns into the jungles and near populated areas in the Konyak region trying to ignite fear and panic in the minds of the revolutionaries and innocent public alike.

It also recounted that northern command of Tatmadaw comprising of some eight battalions forced their way into the Council headquarters at Taka on January 29 last in complete violation of the ceasefire ground rules. Nevertheless, the outfit maintained extreme restraint and vacated the headquarters, it said. In the midst of the commotions, some senior party members, who were the ceasefire delegation team and Naga army cadres were arrested by the Myanmar military under false charges for which they are confined in Khamti prison till today, it added.

It pointed out that NSCN/GPRN on the invitation of the Myanmar Government, signed a legal Ceasefire agreement with Myanmar as two separate entities on April 2012, and ever since the party has sincerely honoured the ground rules.

It, however, maintained that the complexity of the ceasefire risen when the Myanmar Government started applying hostile attitudes towards the Nagas by accusing the NSCN with baseless allegations and enforced her Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) on the Nagas. Yet, in spite of heavy threats and intimidations the NSCN refuse to sign the NCA as it is completely alien to the Nagas and has nothing to do with the Naga struggle for independence, it asserted.

Against this backdrop, the outfit alleged that the Government of India is taking full advantage of the situation as tension between the NSCN-K and Myanmar government has reached its zenith.

The Government of India has resorted to all kinds of ill-tactics to sabotage the struggle (Naga Independence movement) by masterminding the current joint operation, extending all possible logistics and material support to the Tatmadaw, the outfit alleged.

“The intelligence and armed forces of both the colonial countries in a covert alliance carried out this well-coordinated operation to completely wipe out the Naga revolution and continue their hegemonic policies to dominate and subjugate the Naga country”, the outfit observed while adding that both India and Myanmar adopted the same policy to confuse and divide the Naga based on the artificial boundary lines and completely assimilate and submerged the Naga politically, economically and culturally into their so-call mainstream forever.

The outfit further alleged the Government of India of exploiting and oppressing for the last many decades, the Nagas, and the people of ‘Western South East Asia (WESEA)’ so called North East, and Kashmir through her brutal draconian laws and other black laws to suppress the liberation movements. “So, in reality, India is a country governed by terrorists with old colonial mindsets”, it stated.

The outfit in its statement also declared that it will continue to carry forward the freedom torch till the long cherish goal is achieved.

It appealed to all the Nagas from the north, south, east and west to unite mentally, physically and spiritually and continue unwavering support for their genuine cause. “The seeds that we sow today will be reaped by our Naga generation of tomorrow”, said the outfit.