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MHA Annual Review of Left Wing Extremism (LWE): Shrinking Influence

Published Dec 17, 2018
Updated Jun 06, 2020

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Government of India review of Left Wing Extremism (LWE) in 2018 outlines the achievements in the last four years where substantial improvement in the LWE scenario has been noticed.

Incidents of violence have seen a sharp decline while the geographical spread of LWE violence also shrunk from 76 districts in 2013 to just 58 districts. Besides, just 30 of these districts account for 90% of the LWE violence in the country. At the same time certain new districts have emerged as the focus of expansion by the Left Wing Extremists says the Review.

MHA undertook a comprehensive exercise in consultation with the States to review the affected districts in order to ensure that the deployment of resources is in sync with the changed ground reality in 2018.

Accordingly, 44 districts have been excluded and 08 new districts have been added to the list of Security Related Expenditure Scheme (SRE) districts.

Raising the ‘Bastariya Battalion’ from local tribal has been flagged as one of the achievements with the unit raised on 1st April 2017, local local representation in CRPF’s combat layout in the Bastar area is said to have been expanded.

The Union Home Minister attended the passing out parade of 241 Bastariya Battalion of CRPF in Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh on 21st May.

The Government has a holistic approach towards combating LWE wherein it supplements the efforts of the State Governments over a wide range of measures.

A National Policy and Action Plan has been put in place that envisages a multi-pronged strategy involving security related measures, developmental interventions and ensuring rights & entitlements of local communities etc.

Security related measures include assistance to LWE affected States by providing CAPF Bns, helicopters, UAVs, construction of fortified police stations,  funds for modernization of State Police forces, arms and equipment, training  assistance, sharing of intelligence etc.

 In order to counter the growing challenges of LWE activities, several steps have been taken to strengthen and upgrade the capabilities of intelligence agencies at the Central and State level. This includes intelligence sharing through Multi Agency Centre (MAC) at the Central level and through State Multi Agency Centre (SMAC) at the State level on 24×7 basis.

On development side, apart from flagship schemes of the Central Government in infrastructure, education, health, skill development, agriculture etc, several initiatives have been taken specifically for development of LWE affected areas.