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Maritime Warfare Centre Visakhapatnam

Published Sep 29, 2018
Updated Jul 08, 2020

History -Background

The Maritime Warfare Centre at Visakhapatnam, is one of the premier ‘Category A’ training establishments of the Indian Navy and was commissioned as the ‘Action Speed Tactical Trainer, Visakhapatnam’ (ASTT (VZG)) on 10 Sep 93. The unit was re-designated as the Maritime Warfare Centre, Visakhapatnam (MWC (VZG)) on 13 Oct 2000. MWC (VZG) is in an impressive five-storied building located within the Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam. This building, one of the tallest in the Naval Dockyard provides a grandstand view of the entire naval harbour and its inner approaches.

Function / Role

The MWC (VZG) is the nodal agency in the Eastern Naval Command (ENC) for training, validation and evolution of tactics at sea. MWC (VZG) plays host to various levels of computer based networked war gaming, evaluates naval tactics and validates mathematical models of tactical nature. Command teams of ships and submarines are exercised on a regular basis in the planning and conduct of the entire spectrum of naval operations in order to amalgamate them into coherent fighting units prior putting to sea.


Ship Handling Simulatory

In 2007, a state of the art Ship Handling Simulator was commissioned at the MWC (VZG). The simulator designed and built with completely indigenous and COTS technology provides navigational, pilotage and ship-handling training to officers and men of ships and submarines at the ENC.

Maritime Reference Library

The Maritime Reference Library within premises of MWC (VZG) is the repository of all maritime related reference material in the ENC. Library. Its membership is open to all personnel borne in the ENC. The library also has an Audio – Visual room where multimedia content relating to naval tactics/ military history may be screened and programmes of National / Maritime interest aired on television can be recorded on request.

Joint Planning at MWC Vzg

The Centre also houses a modern conference hall and an auditorium, where numerous seminars, discussions, presentations, game debriefs and interactive sessions are held regularly. Large scale tri – service Expeditionary Operations Table-Top Exercises (EOTTEX) such as ‘Sheshnag’ and the Indo-US Expeditionary Operations Table-Top Exercise ‘Habunag’ are also coordinated and conducted by the MWC (VZG).