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Kuki Youth Network says government gives protection to foreign armed groups

Published Jan 02, 2020
Updated Mar 26, 2020

Kuki Youth Network (KYN) issued a press statement on December 29 which says that the government did not give protection to people who were persecuted, insulted and bullied by Meitei armed group in Myothit Township, Tamu District, Sagaing Region, but instead they were giving protection to these armed insurgents.

This press statement further demanded action against such foreign armed groups. KYN Chairman Say Gin said, “Children and women dared not visit their farmlands and find vegetables in the jungle as these armed insurgents are roaming in their villages freely. We repeatedly demanded the government to drive out Meitei insurgent groups from our territory. We don’t want to see them here. We want to see the government and responsible officials effectively take action against them and resolve this problem effectively.”

Regarding the security in Tamu area, KYN repeatedly issued press statements in 2018 and also House of Nationalities MP Maung Maung Latt from this constituency presented the issue in parliament and discussed on this issue but there wasn’t any remarkable progress and moreover, this Meitei insurgent group lobbed a hand grenade into the compound of the MP’s residence, KYN Chairman added.

Tamu constituency House of Nationalities (upper house) MP Maung Maung Latt said, “On that day, I was in a parliament session in Naypyitaw.

Only my mom, my sister and my younger brother were inside my house at that time. The people were scared of them as they dared lob a hand grenade into the compound of even the MP’s house.

It’s not good to see the local people are facing danger and anxiety in doing their daily work for their livelihoods.” It is learned that local people are living in fear and anxiety as the government cannot yet identify the culprit who lobbed the hand grenade inside the compound of upper house MP Maung Maung Latt’s residence.

Local people said that at least three Meitei insurgent groups revolting against the Indian government were living and operating in Tamu District and also another armed group of Kuki rebels were conducting military operation inside Myanmar territory.