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Kashmir Militancy: A Look at Chinar Corps Operation ‘Maa’

Published Nov 12, 2019
Updated Feb 06, 2020

Operation “Maa” (mother) launched by the Indian Army Chinar or XV Corps has been successful in the return of 50 Kashmiri youths who had joined the militant ranks.

The initiative was undertaken by General Officer Commanding (GoC) of 15 Corps Lieutenant General Kanwal Jeet Singh Dhillon.

The message conveyed to the youth was “Do good and serve your mother, then your mother and then your mother and then your father. This is the importance of mother in Holy Quran and that is what showed me the way in order to bring these misguided youths back to their families,” Lt Gen Dhillon was quoted by the PTI.

The military went to the extent of suspending active encounters with militants to facilitate surrender of youth who may have been trapped in the same.

“Upon receiving information that a local terrorists is trapped in an encounter, we make efforts to trace his mother and allow them to speak.

“You know some encounters have ended up with a magical hug between a mother and a son and that is what Army’s efforts to save young kashmiri lives is all about. We don’t count the dead but love adding number of young boys rejoining their families,” Lt Gen Dhillon has said, “I am glad that about 50 such youths have returned so far this year”.

The Army is using the term Return rather than Surrender having a derogatory meaning to the same to avoid creating a stigma in the minds of the youth.

The statistics given by Lr Gen Dhillon indicate very high attrition in the new youth who are joining militancy. “Seven per cent of the youth who join terrorism are killed within first 10 days of picking up of arms, 9 per cent within one month, 17 per cent in three months, 36 per cent in 6 months and 64 per cent in first one year itself,” Lt Gen Dhillon has indicated.

Having explained this to the parents of the youth who took to the gun, there was greater acceptance of the need to reach out to them and thus contact could be made on mobiles.

There has been no outreach for surrender of foreign terrorists who have been on the other hand targeting the youth who have returned to the mainstream.

With the mobile telephones under suspension after 05 August till recently the scheme was obviously put on hold.

As per statements by police leadership from time to time there are 200-300 youth who continue to be under terrorist influence particularly the Hizbul Mujahideen.

While the ISIS J &K which was affiliated to the mainstream Islamic State – though only in name having been completely neutralised, Pak based Lashkar E Taiyyaba and Jaish e Mohammad are seen to be the other major organisations which now attempting to foment trouble in the Valley.