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Is China Showing Interest in Buying ‘INS Viraat’?

Published Dec 24, 2019
Updated Feb 25, 2020 website on 22 December 2019 published an article titled “No one shows interest on India auctioning decommissioned aircraft carrier, why anyone suggest China to buy?”. The article read as under: -[An aircraft carrier is a symbol of a country’s military strength. Having an aircraft carrier means that it has a strong sea power. However, due to the complex manufacturing process and technology of an aircraft carrier, currently only a few countries in the world have the ability to independently build aircraft carriers. The carriers in most countries are actually ‘second hand goods’ cleaned out internationally.

Historically, when a country tries to auction its own aircraft carrier, it will almost cause to international heatyed debate and attract a lot of countries fall over each other in eagerness to buy it. However, when Indians auction aircraft carrier, they broke the previous situation and created new ‘history’.According to media reports, probably due to shortage of money, the Indian Navy has recently decommissioned the ‘Viraat’ aircraft carrier (INS Viraat) treating it as rejected and had put on online auction.

The bidders who intend to purchase only need to pay a deposit of about 74000 US dollars to enter a bid.  However, what the Indians did not expect was that the auction went from noon to late at night but there was no bidder in such a long time.  Finally, the embarrassed Indian could only quietly offline the auction webpage.  India’s this aircraft carrier auction is estimated to get a Guinness record for a ‘coldest aircraft carrier auction’.However, in fact, no one can completely blame India at this auction for showing no interest by anyone bid.

If you want to blame then you can only blame the ‘Viraat’ aircraft carrier as it was worn out. The predecessor of ‘Viraat’ aircraft carrier was the ‘HMS Hermes’ of the British Navy. The ship was purchased from the British Navy in the 1980s. After India bought it, it was overhauled and modified and renamed as ‘Viraat’.

If you also count the service time of ‘Viraat’ with British navy, then the total service time of the ‘Viraat’ aircraft carrier would have reached 58 years!Therefore, for today’s countries, an aircraft carrier built in the 1940s and has been in service for 58 years is really difficult to attract attention. Although the price given by India is already low, I would like to find a ‘Receiver’, but this really makes people have no desire to buy, because it is useless to buy it back, this old aircraft carrier has no way to do a new military transformation.

However, it is worth mentioning that when the news of the Indian auction of the ‘Viraat’ aircraft carrier spread to China, some sharp analysts believe that this is an excellent opportunity for us in China! Although the ‘Viraat’ aircraft carrier is almost the same as scrap iron, in fact the ship is still of great significance to us. I believe many people still remember that in the past few years, our army took the ‘Yuan Wang 4’ survey ship which was scrapped due to fire.

The ship was used as a target ship to conduct a ballistic missile strike test. In this live-fire target, the power of our ballistic missile was verified.However, because ‘Yuan Wang No 4’ has a full-load displacement of only 12000 tons, it is still impossible to truly restore the expectations of China’s ballistic missiles hitting the aircraft carrier. Therefore, India’s auction of the ‘Viraat’ aircraft carrier is a golden opportunity for us.

The full-load displacement of ‘Viraat’ is nearly 29000 tons. It is not suitable to be used as a target ship. Researchers can analyse a large amount of valid data from the live-fire strike on the ‘Viraat’ aircraft carrier including missile strike on which part of the aircraft carrier would be of greatest impact? whether the use of several missiles can completely sink an aircraft carrier? etc.

These data are difficult to obtain in peaceful times.Nowadays, the auction of India ’s Virat aircraft carrier is of no interest to anyone, and it is estimated that even if it is auctioned again, it also has a high probability, it is still better selling it to us (China) directly at low price, let ‘Viraat’ pay its last trace.

This is better than ‘rotten’ in the hands of Indians. Just wondering if Indians think so?]

Author: Qianyan Gangsuo (The Frontier Post)

Summary. According to a Chinese article published in website on 22 December 2019, recently Indian Navy had put an online auction of its decommissioned aircraft carrier ‘INS Viraat’ at very low price but nobody took interest in buying the same since it is very old and can be worth as scrap only. Hence, the Indian navy after kept the auction web page of the aircraft carrier online from noon to late night on certain day, kept the auction web page offline.  In this regard, the author of the article is in the opinion that anybody can suggest China to buy the decommissioned ‘INS Viraat’ of India when India put it on auction again and China can use it not as a target ship but to collect data of Chinese missiles striking on it, which will be of great significance.

Editor’s Note – Translation by Manoj V Nair, Confirmatory checks have not been carried out on authenticity of the translation and errors and omissions are expected.