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Information on Ali Power Grid

Published May 07, 2020
Updated May 08, 2020

All the main transformers of 500 kV Jilong (Gyirong) Substation of Tibet Central – Ali (Ngari) Power Grid arrived at construction site

According to China Tibet Network News report on April 26, the last two main transformers of the 500 kV Jilong (Gyirong) Substation of Tibet Central – Ali (Ngari) Power Grid, with a total weight of nearly 200 tons, have arrived at the construction site in Jilong, Rikaze (Xigaze/Shigatse), Tibet Autonomous Region, which marked the completion of transportation of main 500 kV transformers of Central Tibet – Ali Power Grid Project (hereinafter referred to as ‘Ali Grid Project’) and laid a solid foundation for the overall promotion of the project.

The Ali Grid Project is started from the Duolin 220 kV Substation in Sangzhuzi (Samzhubze) District, Xigaze (Rikaze) City, Tibet Autonomous Region, and ended at the 220 kV Baer Substation in Gar County, Ali (Ngari) Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, spanning 10 counties in 2 cities in Tibet.

The total investment is 74100 million yuan. The length of the transmission line is 1689 kilometres, and the number of people participating in the construction of the entire line during the peak period will reach more than 30000 people. The construction was started in July 2019 and is scheduled to be completed and put into operation in 2021.

It is reported that a total of 4 main transformers were transported this time, using railway and highway. It took around 45 days to reach the destination, passing through 6 provinces including Gansu and Qinghai, with a maximum altitude of 5300 meters along the way and a total length of 5402 kilometres.

Kongtanglamu Mountain in Jilong County, Xigaze City, Tibet Autonomous Region, with an altitude of 5236 meters, is affected by the Himalayan warm and humid air current all year round, and the turning radius, width of the route, and the bearing capacity of the bridge were challenges for the transport vehicle.

According to the relevant person in charge of the materials department of the Ali Grid Project headquarters, “when the main transformerswere transported to Kongtanglamu Mountain this time, due to heavy snow weather, the road was blocked for 5 days, and a total of 4 snow road surveys were carried out.

To ensure the safe and stable transportation of the main transformers, after many improvements and demonstrations, on-site personnel also adopted the method of increasing the restraint of the front of the vehicle to comprehensively reduce the speed of the transportation vehicle. It took total 5 hours for few tens of kilometres from the starting point of transportation at the foot of the mountain to the construction site of the 500 kV Jilong Substation, the person in charge said.

It is reported that in order to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of the main transformers of the 500 kV Jilong Substation, the State Grid Tibet Electric Power has established the ‘Jilong Substation Transformers Transport Project Department’ in time to deal with the large-scale transportation of large power grids in the plateau area. It was responsible for transportation coordination, personnel organization and a series of works such as safety guarantee and route planning.

It is said that in order to ensure the high-quality progress of the project on schedule, since this year, State Grid Tibet Electric Power has worked hard to overcome the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic and organized the engineering equipment suppliers to resume production in time.

Up to now, the supply of engineering materials has been vigorously promoted. At this stage, 98% of the line materials have been delivered. The four main transformers of the 500 kV substations are all in place, and the remaining four main transformers of the 220 kV substations, its main equipment and all supplies will strive to arrive at the end of May this year.