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Indian Nepal Authorities Hold Coordination Meeting to Check cross-border crimes

Published Nov 02, 2019
Updated Mar 28, 2020

The Himalayan Times reported that a meeting attended by authorities representing both the countries at Indian Seema Surakshya Bal (SSB) camp based in Naujaliya Bodipur of Uttar Pradesh, both parties have agreed to boost border security and prevent human trafficking and drugs smuggling.

 According to Bhanudev Bhatta, programme officer of Mahakali Municipality, the meeting also agreed to exchange information about criminals committing crime in one country and hiding in another country.

Mahakali Municipality Mayor Bir Bahadur Sunar, Deputy mayor Chini Giri and representatives from security agencies attended the meeting from Nepal side while SSB assistant deputy commander Sunil Singh Rawat and Naujaliya SSB Camp Inspector Sayant Sarkar represented the Indian side.

Sanjeewani Nepal organized the programme with the assistance of Social Cohesion and Democratic Participation Programme of the United Nations Development Programme as per the Himalayan Times.

Various studies have indicated that people of Indo-Nepal border region can aptly be called transnational and better to introduce them as people practicing similar culture in two nations. Social and kinship ties have much more importance to people of the IndoNepal border than political boundaries.

Societies in the edges of the border are similar due to similar socio-cultural practices throughout the history.

Consequently, such similarities enhance social and geographical mobility in the Indo-Nepal border, where the open border has been in operation throughout the history contributing the increment of cross-border criminal activities

Cross-border smuggling is widespread in the border areas, especially around the cities on both sides. Smuggling has been undertaken with little risk and it has been practiced by many people living along the border.

Regarding the Tarai, adjoining region of Northern Indian States, smuggling become a way of life for some people.

The youths of Tarai are forming criminal groups in Tarai regions to ensure a good source of income and selfprotection from other such groups. Smuggling of arms, electronic goods and narcotics have become a way of life among the Nepal’s Tarai and its adjoining region of India.