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Indian Army Stares at Acute Deficit of Officers

Published Dec 11, 2019
Updated Feb 06, 2020

The closure of the Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) in Gaya, Bihar due to lack of adequate intake is likely to lead to increasing the deficit of officers in the Indian Army which has, OTA Gaya has capacity for 750 cadets but the intake is only 250 as per the Times of India. OTA Gaya was opened in the belief that more youth will be attracted to the Army but these hopes have been belied.

The shortfall in training of the cadets in OTA will be made up by Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun and the OTA in Chennai who are also having a problem of capacity utilisation. IMA has a capacity for 1,650 cadets but trains only 1,300

The locals have petitioned the President of India in October last year against shifting of the OTA.

Meanwhile in June, s a celebratory prelude to the Passing out Parade on 08 June 2019, a Multi Activity Display showcasing extraordinary military skills and breathtakingly gripping performances was held at Officers’ Training Academy, Gaya.

Lt Gen MM Naravane, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Command was the Chief Guest at the event. The spellbound spectators also included proud parents and relatives of Gentlemen Cadets from the Passing Out Course, guests, school children and distinguished civilian dignitaries says the Press Information Bureau Release.

As on 1 January 2017, there was a shortage of 7986 officers in the Army as indicated by the Ministry of Defence in the parliament. This had come down from 9590 officers which were deficient on 1 January 2013.

However the same is likely to increase with lack of takers for the short service commission and closure of a major training establishment for officers.

Closure of the OTA would imply that the Army’s plans to make the short service commission attractive so that the deficiencies in the junior ranks up to Lieutenant Colonel were made up has not worked out.

In addition the plans to increase the numbers through in-house talent development through the ranks are also likely to be impacted.