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India to Focus on Blockchain and AI in Defence

Published Nov 05, 2019
Updated Feb 18, 2020

India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh emphasised the importance of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data given the significance of these for future warfare.

“The role of AI, big data and blockchain technologies has already revolutionized the existing paradigm of warfighting. The defence industry is undergoing a churning to cope and employ these technologies, in order to safeguard the safety and security of critical infrastructure,” while addressing the diplomats in Delhi in the run up to the DefExpo 2020, in February.

Impressing upon the Expo’s sub-theme ‘Digital Transformation of Defence’, Shri Rajnath Singh said, digitalisation is the key to future security scenario as the spectrum of warfare is transiting from land, air & sea to cyber & space. He said, DefExpo will demonstrate India’s ability in cyberspace and define its needs in the sector.

“The challenge is not just to prepare for contingencies but also to repel threats from multiple sources and at the same time possess the ability to respond proactively if needed,” he added. Raksha Mantri reaffirmed the commitment of the Government to make India self-reliant with indigenous defence capabilities. “India has one of the largest defence industrial ecosystems in South and Southeast Asia and we aspire to further build on our strengths,” he said.

The European Defence Agency website states, that “A blockchain is all about organizing and storing information in accordance with a predefined logic. Instead of data being accounted and stored on a central server’s database, it’s encrypted, and a copy is stored on every node connected to the network’.

“This disruptive technology is recognised as a possible revolution of the way the Internet functions and opens infinite possibilities. Blockchain is based on distributed databases that are shared among peers. It can thus be seen as a huge file which stores data in a logical, historical, secure, and immutable way.In the coming years, the defence research community is expected to search for new applications for the military based on blockchain technology with predominant candidate areas such as cyber defence, secure messaging, resilient communications, logistics support and the networking of the defence Internet of Things,” the EDA adds.

For India the most important and immediate use of Block Chain would be in the field of defence procurement an interminably slow process in the country so far.