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India Expresses Concerns over Global Strategic Stability

Published Jan 15, 2020
Updated Mar 02, 2020

Demise of INF, New Start Treaty, new missile race, new and emerging technologies, AI and cyber, impasse in the international security system amongst concerns flagged

In his keynote speech at Foreign Service Institute on 13 January, 2020 on the occasion of commencement of Second Disarmament Fellowship Programme, Indian Ministry of External Affairs, Secretary (West) Mr Vikas Swarup outlined concerns over disruptions in the global strategy stability.

Outlining a number of concerns supporting this trend he said, “With the demise of the INF Treaty, there is a danger of a new missile race, which is aggravated by the growing prospects of race in development and possession of disruptive technologies such as Hyper Glide Missiles and Under Water Drones”.

New and emerging technologies was another area which was flagged, “The use of new and emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and automated learning, in developing lethal weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, has emerged as a significant threat to global strategic stability. There is concern over the future of the New Start Treaty and the prospects for further reduction in nuclear arsenals and their delivery systems”.

India is continuing to remain engaged in strategic arms control, dealing with these and other related challenges to global strategic stability despite the impasse prevailing in the international security system.

Another challenge outlined by Secretary (West) Vikas Swarup was the “growing threat of horizontal and vertical proliferation of nuclear weapons which will pose a grave danger to international peace and security. India has contributed immensely to the global efforts towards non-proliferation. It has extended its support for implementation of the JCPOA by all the concerned parties”.

Presently though the JCPOA appears to be on the death row after the US administration under President Donald Trump walked out in May 2018 while the E 3 – Germany, UK and France have served notice to Iran for arbitration with the recent flare up in Iran US relations after the killing of Iran’s Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani in a US drone attack.

India has also supported, “the talks between the United States and the DPRK [North Korea] as well as the DPRK and Republic of Korea for de-nuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula and establishment of peace and security there,” Swarrop said.

Swarup ends on a note of hope stating that “global disarmament machinery will be reinvigorated to enable it to deal with non-proliferation challenges and there will be progress towards nuclear disarmament, which we fully support”. India will also fully support all the initiatives aimed at preventing nuclear non-proliferation he added.