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Growth in mutual trade prioritized at anniversary of Indo-Myanmar relations

Published Nov 16, 2018
Updated Jun 16, 2020

70th anniversary of Indo-Myanmar diplomatic relations was held at the Myanmar embassy in New Delhi and attended by governmental organizations and private organizations from both countries

Myanmar ambassador to India Moe Kyaw Aung told Mizzima, “This event will give wise ideas. And there will be more trade relations between the two countries. We hold this event for the first time with this objective.

He also said this event is the first ever for our embassy. The objective of this event is to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Indo-Myanmar diplomatic relations and to enhance the relations between our two countries. There are four main sectors in our relations. They are a trade, investment, culture and relations between two countries.

This is the objective of this event. In the cultural sector, we have cultural relations as we are the neighbouring countries but our Myanmar culture has a unique nature. We would like to present this uniqueness.

And we would like to display our handicrafts, food and cuisine. Through these mediums, we hope we can enhance our people to people relations between the two countries and improve our tourism, cultural relations, and people to people contact through the fraternity and friendship between two people.

The Indian government told Indian businessmen that the government will give loans to them if they will invest in Myanmar.

Deputy Director General of Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) Than Aung Kyaw told Mizzima, “Indian government is encouraging investment in Myanmar. And also investors are eager in making an investment in Myanmar.”

The participants want to increase the current trade value between the two countries Than Aung Kyaw told Mizzima, “Trade value is still very low. It is about US$ 1.7 million. And also the Indian investment is very low with about US$ 11 million.

It is very low in comparison with Chinese and Thai investments. India is in high spirit and they are eager to increase these figures. Myanmar is inviting investments especially from the eastern countries and India is one of the primary countries in this regard. We expect investments in the education sector, health sector, agriculture sector such as fertilizers and farm equipment from India. We are also doing for them now.”