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‘Govt concerned to bring lasting solution to Kuki’s demands’

Published May 03, 2019
Updated Apr 17, 2020

The Centre and the state government are both concerned to find a solution to the problem raised by the Kukis, as early as possible, said AB Mathur, who is the interlocutor of the talks between the government and Kuki groups which are under Suspension of Operation.

AB Mathur made the statement while addressing a gathering of Kuki civil society leaders and students’ organisations yesterday at the Kangpokpi ADC hall. United People Front team led by its chairman ST Thangboi Kipgen met the interlocutor representing the SoO group, which also include Kuki National Organisation (KNO).

The meeting had a threadbare discussion on finding the roadmap for political solution of the Kukis. AB Mathur gave his assurance that that the next round of talk will also be held very soon.

The Centre which is holding talks with Naga and Kuki is also equally keen to hold talks with the Meiteis as there will be no everlasting peace in the state unless all stakeholder groups are on board while holding discussions, he added.

Stating that the terms of the talks cannot be disclose as there are so many issues and complications, he also assured that there will not be anything secretive. It is best that day to day discussions are held at close doors, added the interlocutor.

Pointing out that many agreements can be signed, but it may not succeed, Mathur also recalled the Mizo National Front agreement which was very successful as every stake holders was on board.

He said the participants of the talk must also see that they remain together as any problems and minor deviations amongst them will affect the talks and its outcome. Elders and seniors as guidance of society should see that different groups maintain peace among each other and they should call different groups together and find a solution, he added.

While informing that half of the closures in agreement Plain Tribal Council of Assam 2003 in Assam has not been implemented till date as every stake holders is not on board, he also said that Centre and state government will do its best to deliver whatever is possible for the Kukis.

President of Kuki Chief Association Tongpu Kipgen while addressing the gathering said that Kukis have existed as separate nation since time immemorial and fought against any intruders in defence of their freedom and rights over their ancestral land and territories

After consultation and investigation, the Kuki Chief Association Manipur has finally decided to uphold the demand of an Autonomous Kuki land Territorial Council in the state under provision of article 244 A of Indian Constitution, which is considered to be the most workable solution if not the best to solve the present problems besetting the state. He also appealled the Centre to initiate the steps for an Autonomous Land Territorial Council within the state.

He also appealed the Centre to restore the Kuki villages uprooted during the Naga-Kuki ethnic conflict including the ancestral land and territories in different districts of the state, and said the demand is non-negotiable on any ground on interest of administrative convenience or other political solution.

The interlocutor also visited KNF/UPF designated camp, Peace camp Ebenezer at Natheljang. He was accompanied by retired IGP (Adm) S Ibocha, who has been appointed as the representatives of government of Manipur for peace talk between the state and Centre with SoO groups.