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Government is taking all measures to enable tourists to return to Sri Lanka – PM

Published Jul 05, 2019
Updated Apr 10, 2020

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said it is an honor for the country to remain as world famous Lonely Planet’s number one destination in the world to visit in 2019 despite the Easter Sunday attacks and thanked all stakeholders in the tourism industry who have worked hard to regain that honor.

In a special statement, the Prime Minister pointed out that the Government will extend its fullest co-operation and support to the tourism industry.

“Earlier this year, Lonely Planet, a well-known travel magazine, said Sri Lanka is the best destination in the world. But after the Easter Sunday attack, tourists visiting Sri Lanka fled the country and everyone thought that our country would lose the place that Lonely Planet gave Sri Lanka in the travel industry. But last week, Lonely Planet magazine reaffirmed that Sri Lanka is still a must-visit destination in spite of problems. It is a reason to be proud.”

The magazine has stated that the people of Sri Lanka welcomed them with a smile in spite of their problems and they have traveled all over Sri Lanka and that there is no problem in the country.

“This will give us in Sri Lanka immense courage. Our government has taken several steps to revive tourism. I hope to take many steps forward. I am thankful for the efforts of all the big and small people involved in the tourism industry to revive tourism after the Easter Sunday attacks.”

I thank the security forces for restoring the country within two months after the arrest of all ISIS terrorists as I instructed the security forces soon after the April 21 attack.”

“I am confident that the tourism industry in Sri Lanka will soon become a revenue-generating industry again.