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Geopolitical Trends

Geopolitical trends covers key developments in geopolitics, the art and science of deciphering the influence in the traditional sense of geography on power relationships between states. Apart from geography today the phrase also includes technology, economy, diplomacy and development.


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West Asia popularly known as Middle East a region with extensive economic potential due to energy riches is also the vortex of instability due to multiple conflicts

Terrorism remains a major concern in South Asia. While the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan and Pakistan is well known where the group has established a strong footprint in the tribal belt, despite announcing very boldly an ISIS Khorasan which included India and Bangladesh, the Group had failed to make an impact in the region.

Space and cyber security are separate domains as well as intricately linked. Over several years there has been substantial interest in the issues of cyber security and space security. Almost all modern military engagements rely on space-based assets, but cyber vulnerabilities can undermine confidence in the performance of strategic systems.

Regional security covers the geopolitics, diplomacy, security and defence issues related to South Asia, the sub-region synonymous with Indian sub-continent has India at the center and surrounded by Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka Myanmar and Maldives as the spokes.

Nuclear and Missile as element of national security and geo-politics has of late emerged in multiple dimensions. Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) is designed to ensure international nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation while Missile Technology Control Regime is a mechanism that will see control over development of missiles and transfer of technologies.

Information and media is the new buzz. Proliferation of information and media networks has led to an emerging field related to security where manipulation of political messages, memes and videos has soared as political parties hire hundreds of cyber warriors to run their social media cells and motivate tens of thousands of volunteers to target the over 300 million who use Facebook and about 240 million on WhatsApp.

Indo-Pacific is a construct of the 21st Century having received much attention in the second decade promoted by successive American Presidents, but one that has great resonance for India. One of the reasons why India has embraced the term is because ‘Asia-Pacific’ is seen by many to exclude India, even though China’s rise affects everybody in the region. So, this is a way for India to include itself in the Asia-Pacific, and for the Asia-Pacific to bring India into the mix. This is only natural. Given its geographical location above the Indian Ocean, India’s role cannot be ignored.

Disaster Risks assume importance as the Indo Pacific is vulnerable to a large number of disasters. The frequency of disasters is increasing in India and globally. The disasters pose a serious threat to India’s economy, its population and sustainable development.
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