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First rescue operation of Sri Lanka Navy’s SLNS Gajabahu

Published Jun 19, 2019
Updated Apr 13, 2020

The first mission of recently commissioned Sri Lanka Navy SLNS Gajabahu was to bring an ill fisherman ashore for treatment on Monday.

Upon receiving information disseminated by the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources about an ill fisherman in deep seas, SLNS Gajabahu was sent out to retrieve the patient who had left for fishing aboard a multiday fishing vessel ‘Shan Putha 04’ from the Beruwela fisheries harbor on 09th June2019.

The ill fisherman was safely taken aboard the naval vessel about 109 nautical miles off the Galle Lighthouse.

The patient was administered first aid aboard the ship which even offers medical facilities and transferred to a Fast Attack Craft to rush him to the Galle harbor. The patient was then rushed to the Teaching Hospital-Karapitiya for further treatment.

The Navy said it is the very first rescue operation undertaken by the former U.S. Coast Guard cutter after joining the Sri Lanka Navy fleet on June 6th.