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Fate of NPP alliance with BJP will be decided on outcome of CAB

Published Jan 14, 2019
Updated May 31, 2020

Deputy chief minister of Manipur, who is also the national vice-president of National People’s Party (NPP), Y. Joykumar Singh, said NPP will take a decision with regards to the continuance of its alliance with BJP will be taken after a “finality” is ascertained on Citizenship Amendment Bill, which is yet to be passed by Rajya Sabha.

Joykumar stated this while speaking to media persons on the sideline of the valedictory programme of CAU- Regional Agri Fair.

NPP, a major partner of the BJP earlier threatened to sever ties with BJP in the wake of the passing of the CAB. The threat comes after the Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) withdrew its support from the BJP-led Northeast Democratic Alliance (NEDA).

Meghalaya chief minister, Conrad Sangma, who is also the president of NPP, terming the passing of the Bill as “unfortunate” had said that the future of the alliance with the BJP would be decided in a party leaders meeting.

The NPP convened an executive meeting in Guwahati on Friday presided by Conrad Sangma, MLAs of five northeastern states, office bearers and presidents of state units.

Joykumar said that in the executive meeting held on Saturday discussion was held to chalk out plans for Assembly election in Arunachal, Lok Sabha election and party organisation etc.

As far as the Citizenship Amendment Bill is concerned, Joykumar informed that a separate meeting was held.

“As for now, the bill is yet to be passed on the floor of Rajya Sabha to become an act. Action to be undertaken against CAB is kept on hold while waiting for the decision of Rajya Sabha. So far, the fate of the bill remains uncertain, so further course of action is yet to be decided”, said the NPP vice president responding to queries on the warning issued to serve ties with BJP.

The deputy chief minister also informed that NPP would field as many candidates as possible in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. For Manipur, the party has so far decided on the candidacy to contest in the out parliamentary constituency of the two seats.

As a part of the concluding ceremony certificates were distributed to the winners of the competitions held during fair on a valedictory function.

Deputy CM, urged to change the traditional practices of harvesting into advance agriculture technology to bring a sustainable progress in production. As people are solely dependent on agriculture and its allied activities for earning livelihood, sufficient growth is required in the agriculture sector, he said.

Giving attention to the issues farmers face during production, he stated that many difficulties are faced every year because of depending on rainfall and monsoon. It requires for the farmers to upgrade their technologies, he said.

It is time to search for alternative means of agriculture through research finding activities, he said. While stating that the blame for failure in farming should not be given only to the department of agriculture, he appealed to follow the instruction provided by the department as well as refer to the research studies of scientists to bring changes in agriculture. He further stressed on the need to replace old harvesting culture with respect to climate change.

He further mentioned that the process of food production needs to undergo a culture of earning and gaining profit.

CAF and PD minister, Karam Shyam expressed his appreciation for the contribution of youths on changing the culture of job seeker to job givers. While stating that Manipur is mega hotspot of biodiversity, he stated that educated youths can transform Manipur easily into developed state. Manipur require 7.59 million tons of food, but it is providing only 5.89 million ton. Therefore, it requires few millions more and that means it requires maximum level of contribution on food production, he said. He further urged to extend more contributions so that Manipur can become sustainable on development.

Vice- chancellor of CAU, M. Premjit said that doubling farmers’ income by 2022 is a goal established by the PM of India who is challenging status of all stakeholders. The increase in productivity and production of agriculture alone will not ensure doubling the income, he said. There are problems of marketing as well. And coming to Manipur, there should be different strategy according to the diversity. From stage of sowing rice till the final stages of farming mechanization strategies should be different, he asserted.

CAU giving interest on paddy, it has made developments on rice like R1 to R4, among them R1 (tampha fou) is the highest growth production with quality in Manipur. It has been found that crops can be grown without much requirement of water for integrated farming, he said.

Extending help on integrated farming, CAU has constructed 12 large pools and 22 small pools in four district of the State to solve irrigation problems. The issue of not getting seeds is a problem faced annually by farmers. Farmer should know that will not get enough seeds from the agriculture department. So CAU has introduced ‘participatory seed production programme’ for seed processing and produced paddy, he said.

Farmers should also give attention on products which are highly in demand to outside states. He suggested that traditional culture of integrated farming is best system of farming for doubling income. To solve marketing issue post harvest technology and value addition has been taken up in marketing.

Giving interest on the problems of unemployment in the State, CAU has started giving vocational training on agriculture sector. On each batch, 30 students are given vocational training and by the month of March this year, 549 students will come out with vocational training.

Focusing on CAU-Regional Agri Fair 208-19, he said CAU conducted competition among stalls and farmers exhibition during the fair. 70 exhibition stalls took part in the competition and best innovative farmers have been identified, he said. ‘1st time Farmers Science Congress’ was held in the fair and 30 participants from North East state took part in it.

Different dean of CAU-North East institute attended as a presidium member on the valedictory function.