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E-Lynx Radios for the Indian Army Mechanised Forces?

Published Jun 06, 2019
Updated Apr 14, 2020

The Indian Army mechanised forces armoured and infantry fighting vehicles will be equipped with E-Lynx Vehicular MCTR-7200MP-VD55 dual channel vehicular radio and 7200MP-VS50 single channel vehicular radio manufactured by Elbit Systems of Israel.

Army Technology reported that in July 2018, India’s Defence Acquisition Council approved the purchase of 4,900 Tadiran radio sets for the T-72 and T-90 tanks of the Indian Army. Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: ESLT, TASE: ESLT) (“Elbit Systems”) has now announced that it was awarded a $127 million contract to supply vehicular tactical radio systems to the Army of a country in South Asia.

The contract will be performed over a three-year period.

Elbit stated in a press release that the radios to be supplied will include several configurations for integration onboard a range of armored fighting vehicles and tanks at the battalion and company levels.

The large size of the order linked with the approval by the DAC denotes that the Indian Army is the recipient of the order for tactical radio systems by Elbit.

As per website of Elbit systems the E-LynXTM family of advanced Software-Defined Radio is based on decades of communications experience, including the legacy Tadiran Communication radio product line, Elbit Systems has acquired extensive operationally-proven expertise in voice, data and video technologies.

The company’s know-how in combining HF/VHF/UHF/L/S bands radio networks with telephony, satellite and IP LAN/WAN  networks has resulted in the implementation of integrated military communications infrastructures for C4I and triple-play (voice, data and video) applications supporting advanced countermeasure techniques (e.g., frequency hopping and direct sequencing).

These systems provide reliable communication in all terrains including harsh battle environments, by using cutting-edge modem techniques, turbo codes, linear transmitters, frequency-hopping and MANET capabilities, all optimized to every communication solution.

As per IISS Military Balance 2018, the Indian Army has 1,950 T-72M1; 1,025+ T-90S armoured fighting vehicles and 1,800 BMP-2 Sarath Infantry fighting vehicles  with the figures matching with the number of radio sets being procured.

The Indian Army has placed an order of additional 400 plus T 90 S tanks recently, it is not clear the communication equipment that will be provisioned for the same.